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Editorial: Balancing a hectic schedule

I have three, no — wait — four calendars on the go at all times. One in my bag, my fridge, my phone and one that floats around all willy-nilly. Each day is separated into five categories; kids, work, school/homework, ex’s work schedule, and elusive free time. Subsequently, my brain is also subdivided into those same five categories. I am […]

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Time management resources available to students on campus

Midterm season is in full-gear and with all the assignments, essays and midterms due this week, it’s not always easy to stay on top of things. Although Reading Week has just passed, you might feel as though you didn’t get enough work done, if any. Academics are easily the largest cause of stress for students, but whether you’re in your […]

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Editor’s note: That time of year

Editor’s note: That time of year

You know what time of year I mean. The weather is turning, assignments are stacking up and lethargy is at an all time high. The abuse of a much needed reading week slowly comes to bite you in the form of a forgotten mid-term, or a procrastinated essay — I think most of us have been there at some point […]

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Unsigned: Laurier’s exam de-stressors might be missing the mark

As exams draw closer and closer, Laurier is preparing for the stress that comes with them for our students. But are the precautions that are being provided for students really accessible? All of the de-stressing and mindfulness activities are great in theory. They should provide a break from the cramming to make time for ourselves. But at the end of […]

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Defeating the growing stresses of ‘old man winter’

The Starks were right: winter has come.

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