The Cord is located in the WLU Student Publications office at 205 Regina Street North.

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Cord Staff

Kurtis Rideout

Position: Editor-in-Chief 

Contact: editor@thecord.ca | 519-884-0710 ex. 3563

Madeline McInnis 

Position: Creative Director 

Contact: creative@thecord.ca

Garrison Oosterhof

Position: Web Director

Contact: online@thecord.ca

Safina Husein 

Position: News Director 

Contact: news@thecord.ca

Nathalie Bouchard

Position: News Editor 

Contact: news@thecord.ca 

Jake Watts

Position: News Editor

Contact: news@thecord.ca 

Karlis Wilde

Position: Feature Editor 

Contact: features@thecord.ca

Shyenne McDonald 

Position: Arts & Life Editor 

Contact: arts@thecord.ca

Emily Waitson

Position: Opinion Editor

Contact: opinion@thecord.ca

Pranav Desai

Position: Sports Editor 

Contact: sports@thecord.ca


Position: Assistant Web Director 

Contact: online@thecord.ca

Tanzeel Sayani

Position: Photo Editor 

Contact: photos@thecord.ca 

Alan Li

Position: Graphics Editor 

Contact: graphics@thecord.ca 


Position: Video Editor 

Contact: video@thecord.ca 

Erin Abe

Postion: Lead Reporter

Contact: news@thecord.ca

Abdulhamid Ibrahim 

Position: Lead Sports Reporter

Contact: sports@thecord.ca

Luke Sarazin

Position: Lead Photographer

Contact: photos@thecord.ca 

Michael Oliveri

Position: Senior Copy Editor 

Contact: copyeditor@thecord.ca


Position: Social Media Coordinator 

Contact: socialmedia@thecord.ca

For all general inquires contact: editor@thecord.ca

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