The Cord’s 2019 Students’ Union Endorsements

The Cord’s 2019 Students’ Union Endorsements

The following endorsement was made through a discussion with The Cord’s Editorial Board and Editor-in-Chief (13 members). These are not necessarily a reflection of WLUSP, The Cord’s volunteers or staff. 

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Sports Editor, Pranav Desai, wins national student journalism award

Sports Editor, Pranav Desai, wins national student journalism award

This past weekend, The Cord’s sports editor, Pranav Desai, won the JHM Sports Reporting Award at NASH, an annual student journalism conference. At NASH, student journalists come together to meet professionals in the journalism and media field, learning about trends and tips about various categories in the journalism industry. Desai was shortlisted for the award on Dec. 25, 2019. He […]

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Review of the Students’ Union Board of Directors

Review of the Students’ Union Board of Directors

These reviews were written collaboratively by News Editor Aaron Hagey, News Editor Hayley McGoldrick, Lead Reporter Margaret Russell and Editor-in-Chief Safina Husein. They are based on observations from board meetings and interviews with directors, chair and president. 

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You’ll never walk alone: Foot Patrol celebrates it’s 26th birthday

Foot Patrol, the volunteer operated service on campus where teams of two are sent out to help safely walk students home, turned 26 this year and held a celebration in the concourse to not only celebrate the success and legacy of the program, but also to inform students and recruit. “I’m a general volunteer, so I both walk people home […]

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The Land We Are event aims to educate about Indigenous peoples in Waterloo Region

On Thursday, Nov. 7 from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Wilfrid Laurier University’s Office of Indigenous Initiatives teamed up with the library and the history departments from both Laurier and the University of Waterloo to create the event The Land We Are. The event took place in the library and consisted of different speakers from different departments and throughout the […]

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Laurier Student Poll results: Federal legalization of marijuana

Laurier Student Poll conducted a survey over the past two weeks asking Laurier students about their thoughts on the recent federal legalization of marijuana in Canada. The survey was conducted online and received 163 responses from students in first, second, third, fourth, and fifth year along with graduate students across all the different educational faculties at Wilfrid Laurier University.   […]

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Parts 2 & 3 – Back to the drawing board: reflecting on the 2017-18 directors

The Cord’s Editor-In-Chief, Safina Husein, conducted an investigation of the Students’ Union’s 2017-18 board of directors, following up with allegations of sexism and various other dysfunctions which were disclosed to The Cord by various board members during  their final board reviews conducted in April, which consist of confidential, anonymous interviews. This story is part two and three of a four-part […]

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Run, Hide, Repeat by Pauline Dakin receives the 2018 Edna Staebler award

The Edna Staebler Award for Creative Non-Fiction has been announced, and the winner is Pauline Dakin’s Run, Hide, Repeat. A memoir of her childhood, Dakin recalls a time in her life she had not yet come to terms with in this novel. “It recounts my childhood and young adulthood, when there were some odd things going on with the family, […]

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Evaluating the updates and upgrade to the Laurier Waterloo campus

In the past year, the Laurier Waterloo campus has experienced some significant progress in the ongoing construction and improvements to the university, including its overall efficiency, both in terms of energy and accessibility, as well as its aesthetic appeal. The construction has taken place both in and outside of the Frank C. Peters Building, the Turret, Veritas Cafe, 202 Regina […]

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