CCRLA Student Mental Health Matters series

CCRLA Student Mental Health Matters series

The Centre for Community Research, Learning and Action (CCRLA) held the first speaker in their student mental health series that will be ongoing throughout the 2019-2020 school year. The event was a talk from Simon Coulombe, an assistant professor at Laurier and director of CCRLA’s Flourishing Communities research group. The series is focused on dealing with issues regarding mental health […]

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Founder of Canada’s first Indigenous-owned cosmetics company shares success at open house

It’s open house season – and to mark it, Laurier ran a multitude of campus-related events this past weekend. On Saturday, Nov. 3, the Indigenous Student Centre welcomed Jenn Harper, CEO and founder of Cheekbone Beauty Cosmetics Inc. to speak to current and prospective Indigenous students about entrepreneurship. The event, hosted in The Turret, began at 3 p.m. with light […]

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Graduate students at Wilfrid Laurier looking to form a union for teaching assistants

Graduate students at Wilfrid Laurier University have been actively working towards organizing a union for teaching assistants (TAs) to improve their current working conditions — which include better wages and benefits, increased support, transparency with hiring and contracts and addressing ongoing issues with TAs going over hours. This comes as a result of a group of Laurier students who are […]

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Remembering Leanne Holland Brown and her Laurier Legacy

Remembering Leanne Holland Brown and her Laurier Legacy

On Wednesday, Oct. 23, Wilfrid Laurier University held a memorial event in the Turret on the third floor of the Fred Nichols Campus Centre in memory of Leanne Holland Brown, former dean of students who passed away on Apr. 24 of this year in a tragic accident that deeply affected the Laurier community. Holland Brown spent nine years as the […]

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Laurier celebrates Fair Trade Week with sustainable campus coffee

All across Canada higher education institutes are celebrating Fair Trade Week, promoting the fair trade food and drink products that are available to students on campuses around the nation to support ethical consumption. Laurier Food Services held the event for Laurier at Frank’s Coffee Haus, which opened earlier in the year. Samples were given out of Planet Bean coffee which […]

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Wilfrid Laurier and University of Waterloo to receive upgrades to their athletic facilities

The city of Waterloo has committed to a $5 million donation to split between both of the universities in the city, Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Waterloo, in order to upgrade their athletic facilities. The University of Waterloo will be putting its half of the funding towards enhancing the Columbia Ice Field, a $23 million expansion, while Laurier’s […]

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Annual Got Flu talk hosted at Wilfrid Laurier

On Tuesday, Oct. 29, Wilfrid Laurier University hosted its annual Got Flu seminar, a free event held on the Waterloo campus. The event was open to the public and focused on the influenza virus, how the flu vaccination works and how the flu affects the Waterloo region specifically. “We have this every year, we try to talk about the virus […]

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Alumni Association donates $800,000 to student services to enhance the Laurier experience

Homecoming weekend saw the announcement of the Wilfrid Laurier University Alumni Association (WLUAA) donating $800,000 to enhance student services for current students at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. The donation was split up into four parts to cover different student services around campus that could use funding. $350,000 of the donation was put towards scholarships for students and $270,000 […]

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Lazaridis International Case Conference hosts successful second year with 12 participant schools

This past week, Laurier hosted its second annual Lazaridis International Case Conference from Oct. 13 to 19. Teams of students from top schools across the globe gathered to compete in case competitions and experience what growing Canadian conference had to offer.  There were twelve teams in total who competed in the international case competition, including teams from Germany, Australia, Hong Kong, […]

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