What students need to know about the upcoming Students’ Union elections 


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The annual Laurier Students’ Union elections are set to take place later this month. All Laurier undergraduate students have the opportunity to apply and vote for available positions.  

Nomination packages are available for positions such as President & CEO, Board of Directors, Referendum Chair, Senate and Board of Governors.  

Further package and position information can be found on the Students’ Union website. 

The deadline for students to submit nomination packages is Jan. 14 at 11:59pm. “If you’re still considering whether or not you should run for a position, why not? Throw your hat in the ring,” said Orlan Cui, Students’ Union Governance Coordinator.  

“There’s an opportunity for you to decide on your candidates,” said Cui.  “Undergrad students should care [about the election] because it affects everyone, it affects your school experience in general.” 

Following the nomination package deadline, students should attend the all candidates meeting. 

 “On [Jan. 15] at 7:00 p.m. is the all candidates meeting. Everyone who wishes to be an eligible candidate has to attend. We go over some of the rules and regulations that are commonly asked,” said Cui 

Official campaigning for positions begins on Jan. 22 and continues until Jan. 30. Voting will then take place Jan. 30 through Feb. 1.  

In regard to student participation in voting and the ballot itself, students should take care to carefully think about who they believe is best suited to the job.  

“On the Students’ Union election ballot, it’s not just who do you want to be president or who do you want to be in the board of directors. There’s also questions like the referendum question. Some of these questions can really affect students in terms of an increase in payments or changes to GRT Transit,” said Cui. 

“Some of these issues can really impact students in terms of tuition and fees that undergraduates will obviously care about. There is a real chance for them to either agree or disagree with changes to really have their say.” 

Election results will be shared at Wilf’s on Feb. 1 at 9:00 p.m.  

Undergraduate students are encouraged to exercise their right to vote and participate in student elections. “Compared to previous years we have more packages coming in earlier, which is great because it gives me a better gauge of how well or how many people are going to apply in case that we need to extend nomination periods,” said Cui. 

Concerning low voter turnout, in previous years, Cui cited lack of presence early on in the academic year. “We started marketing earlier with more cohesive plans. We’re trying to have posters,  booths, videos on Instagram and have a presence early on so that people can soak in it. Once January comes, then they’re not surprised that it’s elections.” 

“On Feb.1, which is the last voting day, we’re doing votes for floats where you can get an ice cream float if you have voted. Then on the 30 and 31 is also something similar where it’s cookies or other sweet treats,” said Cui.  

More information on the upcoming Students’ Union election can be found on their website. Questions and concerns can also be directed to sucro@wlu.ca.  

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