The blurred lines of cultural appropriation

The blurred lines of cultural appropriation

  In an issue devoted to Indigenous writing, Write Editor Hal Niedzviecki suggested that writers should examine the world by imagining perspectives outside of themselves. That cultural appropriation is a positive thing. Unfortunately for him, the modern liberal world is obsessed with a concept I refer to as ‘positive segregation’: the enforced preservation of separately sacred, individual cultural and ethnic […]

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Comparing grades and measuring intelligence

Back in grade nine, I had a teacher who didn’t ever take any real notice to her students’ personal lives. To me, that made her interest, when it did happen, even more memorable. After a particularly hard test, one of my friends continued to ask what grade I received, even after several times of me trying to politely avoid the […]

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The “#Girlboss” is not a role model

Trending through popular social media feeds at every turn as of late, has been the proudly emboldened phrase “#Girlboss.” A term popularized by Nasty Gal clothing company founder — and rags to riches self-starter — Sophia Amoruso. This term has been utilized by scores of women since, who feel inspired by its surface-level intent. Amoruso’s seemingly empowering book — and […]

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The case for terminating all technology

The past few years have been weird and our culture has seen a meteoric rise in inverted values. Globalism has evaporated to nationalism, the universally held value of an education has transformed into anti-intellectualism, etc. What’s valuable about this type of role reversal is that it suggests a reframing of our unquestioned values. By applying different hypothetical starting points, we […]

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Unsigned: Should faculty be paid by the demand of their work?

University faculty across different departments often experience discernible wage differences, regardless of whether or not they are equally, or in some cases more qualified, in their respective fields of work. While the department of business draws a larger amount of students into their program than  music or English, there are several factors that can determine the level of interest that […]

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Unsigned: Crime, social media and the desire to witness violence

The progression and evolution of social media has ensured that witnessing crimes, even while they’re in the process of taking place, can be readily accessible to any person, at anytime. There is no limitations on who can utilize these platforms for their own needs, even if it involves showcasing a murder or the admittance of terrible crimes that were committed […]

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Complaining over exam season gets you nowhere

That time of year is quickly approaching. No, not the part when summer starts and everything is well in the life of a student — it’s rather the part that every student in history is guilty of whining about: when people bring all of their belongings to the library to campout and also the time of year when you may […]

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Unsigned: The Instagram culture creates a false life for everyone

Following the lives of the rich and famous seems like a great thing, until it builds a sense of false confidence. Instagram used to be about original content, art and showcasing the best of everyone’s photos, making photography more accessible. Now, it’s about self-gratification through likes and being unique through art has become increasingly difficult. Some people have rules about […]

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The scariest transition is the step after Laurier

Four years ago, I couldn’t picture the end of my university career. It seemed so far away and I figured these four years would be about the longest of my life. Looking back on it, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Moving a couple hours away from home seemed like it was going to be one of the hardest things […]

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