Editorial: Discovering what really helps you

I’m going to start this off by saying that my story is not your story. Every person deals with things differently and I am in no way saying that what I am doing to help my own mental health will help yours, but it might. Hi, my name is Jade, and I struggle with generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder and […]

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Ariana Grande sues Forever 21

Forever 21, a company rife with its own problems and a looming path to bankruptcy, has recently found itself on the receiving end of a 10 million dollar lawsuit courtesy of Ariana Grande. The fast fashion retailer is facing the consequences of using the singer’s likeness in various Instagram posts without her permission, and, given the information available about her […]

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Downtime leads to better productivity

When leaving for university, my parents stressed to me that I needed to prioritize school work. While I agree that this is good advice, I would also advise every student entering post-secondary to prioritize downtime where they focus on self-care. In high school, I found that I always had enough time to work on projects while still having a part […]

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A female James Bond is a questionable idea

Currently, we are in the age of cinema where people who once were not getting portrayed in the mainstream media are now having movies made about their experiences. I am a female, and I am all for females getting roles that used to be traditionally male, but I don’t know how I feel about all roles being refigured from male […]

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!3 Reasons Why does not do a good job of raising awareness of social issues

!3 Reasons Why does not do a good job of raising awareness of social issues

When I was 14, I read the book 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher, which was a book that discussed the issues facing young people today. The story starts with a girl who committed suicide recording tapes that would be sent to the people who were the 13 reasons that caused her to get to the point where she couldn’t […]

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Meghan McCain’s controversial remarks about the effect of firearm control on violence

In the 23-season premiere of The View on Sept. 3, Meghan McCain made waves with a controversial statement. The panel of five women were discussing the mass shooting that happened in west Texas when McCain claimed that she would not be living without her guns. Later in the episode, she said that if people are talking about taking people’s guns […]

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Fake Instagram accounts

A large phenomenon which took Instagram by storm this summer was 50% of your followers sharing posts about causes which they really don’t care about. Have they ever sat you down and had a conversation about what autism awareness means to them? Or how they were going to donate real money to the Sudan issue? Even if they cared (or […]

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Oh my God, they were roommates!

For most first years, moving away from home means moving into a new place with new people. Depending on the type of residence you’re placed in, you might have a no roommates. You might have four. Regardless of how many strangers you’ll be sharing your space with, how you get along with people can be the biggest driving force behind […]

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