Graphic by Jamie Mere

Coca-Cola could be adding a new flavour to its list of drinks

If there was ever a time to start seriously considering consuming cannabis-based commodities — the time would definitely be now.  When cannabis becomes officially legalized in Canada on Oct. 17 of this year, companies like Coca-Cola will be demonstrating their dedication to a burgeoning marijuana market through an increase in innovative products. That’s right Canada — we might be getting […]

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Editorial: Finding your passion within clubs

Editorial: Finding your passion within clubs

As someone who enjoyed my high school experience — being a part of multiple sports teams, student council and DECA, to name a few — it seems almost obvious that I would say getting involved in university will be the best thing you ever do and to 100 per cent apply to Laurier.  Yet, during my first two years at […]

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Looking at the local tradition of Miss Oktoberfest

Miss Oktoberfest is a title that dates back to 1969, when the first young woman — Christine Orendi — was crowned and graced with the responsibility of representing the beloved Kitchener-Waterloo festival.  Since then, the role has served as a cultural point of significance to Oktoberfest.  Each woman to assume the position has served as a sweetly smiling figurehead, known […]

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Unsigned: Remaining responsible while showing school spirit

The infamous, day-long drinking and partying spree that takes place on Ezra Avenue twice a year was no different for Laurier’s annual 2018 Homecoming.  A day that should primarily be about school spirit, football and returning alumni, has become synonymous with alcohol consumption.  A sea of purple and gold bodies took up space on the well-known street this year, resulting […]

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Graphic by Kash Patel

Hardships and personal struggles shouldn’t be a competition

A trend I’ve been annoyed with recently is the tendency some people have to compare their suffering to others. I think it’s always important to acknowledge the validity and the severity of other people’s struggles — especially if your own are particularly difficult to deal with — and I’ve never understood the need some people have to rise above everyone […]

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Editor’s Note: Exposing sexism in the workplace

Editor’s Note: Exposing sexism in the workplace

With this issue comes the release of parts two and three of a four-part series I’ve been working on since last April. The investigative series surrounds the 2017-18 Laurier Students’ Union board of directors.  In sum, part one explores allegations of sexism and gender inequity that was present amongst the board and, specifically, during board meetings throughout the year. In […]

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Editorial: Experiential learning in the world of dating

Editorial: Experiential learning in the world of dating

For the first time in a long time, I’m seeking casual experiences with new people instead of a serious long term relationship.  In the process of doing so, I started reading articles about dating and meeting new people. Out of all the articles I’ve read from magazines targeted at men and women, I’ve come to the conclusion that people are […]

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