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Being mindful of your behaviour on the bus

Riding the city bus can be quite a harrowing experience, despite it being such an arbitrary necessity of my everyday life. As a student who has no car, I rely on the public transportation system to take me back and forth from my home in Kitchener, to school in Waterloo. I’ve regularly ridden the bus since I was a teenager […]

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Being critical of diet without criticizing others

We are fortunate to live in a day and age where we are given seemingly endless dietary options that can fit specific eating restrictions and overall preferences. Opportunities to consume unnervingly specific foods catered to the needs of — what would once be considered — niche health groups are becoming more and more popular with each passing Gwyneth Paltrow blog […]

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Editor’s Note: Peer pressure in post-secondary

Editor’s Note: Peer pressure in post-secondary

I have never been to Phil’s. Not hating — my brother went there a few times and my father did before him — just stating facts. It has become apparent that I might historically be the only Editor-in-Chief at this newspaper that never made a point of popping by there at least once. On that same note, my university experience […]

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Editorial: Removing classroom distractions to focus on success

Each year we go into the fall semester thinking “this year will be different.” You pull out your notebook, turn the Wi-Fi off on your computer and start listening to your professor preach about research methods and Plato’s theory of forms. You probably already know where this is going. Before you know it, you’ve watched four Tasty videos on slow […]

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Living with OCD is nothing for you to pity

Living with OCD is nothing for you to pity

“Hello, I’m Madeline McInnis, and before I start, I just want you to know that I have obsessive compulsive disorder so that you can judge me now instead of changing your opinion about me later.” True? Yeah. Unnecessary? Absolutely. Then why does the conversation suddenly have to change when we find out that someone does have a mental illness after […]

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Radical religion: Kindness comes from the interpretation

Acceptance and love have are supposed to have always been the cornerstones of my religion. I went to Catholic school my whole life before attending Wilfrid Laurier University and I honestly believe that I was taught critical thinking and the ability to form an opinion like anyone else. But I didn’t pick up the messages that Catholic school kids are supposedly spoon-fed from infancy. Strangely enough, I can […]

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Unsigned: Silencing the gallery

During a Students’ Union meeting recently, there was a vote to pass a motion to silence the gallery for the duration of the meeting that concerned the elections portfolio. This decision was met with objections from within the board, but ultimately the motion was passed by a majority vote. However, the divide between board members on whether or not this […]

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