Travelling as a Muslim

Travelling as a Muslim

I’m always told a story of when I was four-years-old. I was sitting in my bedroom playing with my favourite doll, Molly. I don’t remember how it came up, but I must have been comparing myself to the doll when my mom asked me, “Safina, you know you’re brown, right?” I replied with a confused look followed by a, “No […]

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Kicking the bucket and looking back on loved ones

In the latest issue of our sister publication, The Sputnik, there was a feature about a lady who looked like “someone’s stylish aunt” who read tarot cards and contacted the “great beyond” that is death. The writer, Dellesia Noah, had an experience contacting her grandmother she never met in this life. Though I don’t doubt the experiences of both women […]

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Unsigned: The ethics of the Oscars and their political statements

It seems that all the talk in the last few days has been about the Oscars. Between Nicole Kidman’s clapping and the La La Land/Moonlight mix up, it’s been a massive topic of conversation. It’s a shame that overshadowed some of the real political messages of the night. The Oscars have always been a platform for celebrity voices and causes. […]

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Facing life after university

Facing life after university

Reading Week was implemented at Wilfrid Laurier University for students to catch up on their course material mid-way through the semester. While some students may actually study or work on assignments, many come back to their old homes to relive their old style of living. You hang out with family and childhood friends and you become reminded of all of […]

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