Updating athletics will improve campus greatly 


Kate McCrae Bristol’s ambitious rejuvenation project is set to tackle Laurier’s Athletics and Recreation department. Bristol has worked to kickstart substantial improvements to playing fields, gyms and community gathering spaces. 

This is an aspect of Laurier that I believe truly needs revamping.  

Bristol’s transformative endeavor is precisely the kind of change that campus needs to undergo in order to redefine its student community’s strength and unity. 

Further, Bristol herself boasts an impressive resume that is aligned with the Laurier mission, dedicating 18 months acting as the Athletics and Recreation director at Wilfrid Laurier University.  

With her background in coaching and leadership, including previous experience as Laurier’s dean of students, I believe that Bristol has the expertise that will bring her hopes to fruition.  

Athletic facilities play a pivotal role in shaping the campus experience and health of those attending it.  

 Bristol’s approach both recognizes and prioritizes the vital role these spaces play in enhancing the overall campus atmosphere. 

By investing in modernized playing fields, gyms, and an inviting community gathering area, Bristol is invested in helping students. 

Finally, the well-being and holistic development of Laurier’s students are paramount.  

Improved athletic facilities offer a haven for students to stay active, relieve stress and develop essential life skills.This project serves as a catalyst for greater community engagement.  

With updated gathering spaces, Laurier could host a wider range of events than currently present: From local sports competitions to cultural festivals.  

Moreover, modernized athletic facilities can attract top talent and foster a culture of excellence.  

Students who see the commitment to their physical well-being are statistically more likely to excel in academics and other areas of their lives.  

It also sends a message to prospective students that Laurier is dedicated to providing a holistic and enriching educational experience that promotes a balanced lifestyle. 

As the newly appointed director, Bristol’s ambitious plans will beneficially impact the campus community. 

In addition, it will assist in furthering the school’s long-standing legacy with student satisfaction.  

Prioritizing the enhancement of athletic facilities and community spaces invests in the physical & mental well-being of its students.  

This forward-looking approach is precisely the type of change that can redefine a campus.  

Bristol’s vision is an inspiring example of leadership that places the holistic development of students at the forefront of higher education. 

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