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Editorial: Keeping up with the pregnancies

Last September, Kylie Jenner was spotted out in Los Angeles supposedly concealing a baby bump. Then began some good old fashioned “aliens live among us” conspiracy theories. Pregnancy, especially out of wedlock, was once something that was shameful to a person’s reputation; now pregnancy is something that is only shameful if you hide it. The rumour mill and pop culture […]

by Nathalie Bouchard· · Opinion ·
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Bell Let’s Talk should be more than talk

  In the past five years alone we have seen broad steps taken towards the mainstream acceptance of mental health issues. As someone who has struggled with mental health issues but only offers vague descriptions of my own personal journey, I feel that I should, at the very least, offer some perspective as to how things have changed. Particularly, with […]

by Kurtis Rideout· · Opinion ·
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Embracing your past and present passions

I’m the type of person who used to take my passions incredibly seriously. When I was younger, the things that I liked were an essential part of who I was. I unabashedly — to an embarrassing extent — proudly embraced them without a hint of any shame whatsoever. Making my obsessions known to anyone who would talk to me for […]

by Emily Waitson· · Opinion ·
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Hey prince! You’re not that charming, don’t assume women need your help

  For one of the courses on my exchange, I’m doing a presentation on Christ Crowned with Thorns, a Northern Renaissance painting by Hieronymus Bosch. It’s housed in the National Gallery, London, so I made a sort of pilgrimage to go see it before I delved headfirst into research, effectively ruining any shine it would have previously held for me. […]

by Madeline McInnis· · Opinion ·
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Editorial: Student elections matter

When I was in first-year, I was scarcely involved within the Laurier community. As someone who lived off-campus, I wasn’t enticed by orientation week and didn’t pay close attention to many of the events and activities that were taking place. Even as a consistent writer for The Cord, I somehow managed to completely miss the Students’ Union elections that year. […]

by Safina Husein· · Opinion ·
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Eating Tide Pods has become the internet’s latest obsession

  What started out as an oddly popular internet joke that circulated various meme websites — and was the focus of a satirical article published by The Onion in 2015 — has now transformed into a cautionary tale about what not to put in your mouth. Just when I thought humanity could not lower itself any farther and the limit […]

by Emily Waitson· · Opinion ·