Editor’s Note: Finding your place on campus

Editor’s Note: Finding your place on campus

Entering first-year can be overwhelming. From the first day you arrive at Laurier, you are inundated with people who are passionate about their purple and gold pride encouraging you to get involved, to try new things, and to take advantage of all that Laurier offers.  It’s no secret that Laurier holds a pretty specific stereotype amongst other universities — Golden […]

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Putting your well-being first should always be a priority

In an effort not to sound like a broken record or an after school special harping about all the ways young adults don’t look after themselves, I’ll make it clear that I’m far from a beacon of health and balance. The beginning of university is a lot to take in. It’s fun, stressful, there’s things to do every single day, […]

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Canada doesn’t need Chick-Fil-A

Chick-Fil-A is a beloved and highly popular fried chicken American fast food chain that has a legion of dedicated consumers who seem to do their best to overshadow the controversial viewpoints associated with the restaurant. The franchise recently released its plans to expand to its first international location in Toronto, and it’s planned to open its first set of Canadian […]

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Editorial: The value of your first job

For many people, a first job is a mere stepping stone in the river of unknowns that begin your journey into adulthood. It provides you with a sense of independence, responsibility, an understanding of how “the real world” works and what seems like the most important aspect — a little disposable income. In most cases, it becomes one of the […]

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XXXTentacion shouldn’t be idolized posthumously

“Boys will be boys,” they say as the kindergarten girl comes crying to the teacher about the boy in her class pulling her hair. We just don’t expect it to escalate into aggravated battery on a pregnant woman. In case you missed it, rapper XXXTentacion was recently involved in a fatal altercation involving gun violence in Florida.  The rapper’s death […]

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