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Unsigned: Destroying our paper does nothing to silence our voices

  On Nov. 22, hundreds of copies of The Cord were destroyed at several of our distribution spots. Shortly afterwards, a pile of ripped up newspapers were left on our office doorstep. The response to these actions has been primarily beneficial, but it’s also provided others with a means to pick sides with their own politically fuelled debates. It is […]

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Editorial: the other side of free speech

Editorial: the other side of free speech

When somebody has the courage to admit that they feel unsafe, my instinctive reaction would be to try and understand why. I find the Lindsay Shepherd controversy so appalling because in the ensuing media storm, there has been a startling lack of analysis about why the complaint was issued in the first place. Media outlets, students, professors, alumni and spectators […]

by Alan Li· · Opinion ·
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Self-care is becoming too oversimplified

  As we transition into the colder months, I’ve noticed an increase in the amount of Buzzfeed articles and Tumblr posts that are shared about self-care. Ways that people can tackle the winter blues and combat their mental health issues are commonly reduced down to beauty items and junk food that you can buy at your local Walmart. Self-care has […]

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Editors note: reserving judgement

Editors note: reserving judgement

The debate on campus surrounding TA Lindsey Shepherd has been difficult to navigate based on a lack of information as well as a multitude of other existing factors. Being a part of student media at a time like this is a constant struggle between knowing when to speak up and use this platform accordingly and when to just let the […]

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Nikon’s photo contest gives Canon the opportunity to do the right thing

If you’re up on the camera world – or even if you’re not – there are probably two standout brands that come to mind: Nikon and Canon. When I was buying my first DSLR, the choice came down to which brand shot better in low light in my budget. It was Canon. Fast forward three years, I get paid to […]

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Editorial: Signing off social media

Editorial: Signing off social media

Before I even start, I am going to acknowledge the irony, knowing that this is going to be posted on Facebook eventually. We now live in a time where everyone and their grandparents are on social media. It is an amazing tool to keep in touch with friends and meet new people, or is it? On average people in America […]

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