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Musk reveals the “FitBit in your skull with tiny wires”

On Aug. 28, Elon Musk and his Neuralink team revealed their latest technology with a demo featuring pigs implanted with a brain chip device. Musk referred to this device as the “FitBit in your skull with tiny wires,” because it’s designed to track, monitor and record your brainwaves, with the potential for an individual to have more control over their […]

by Marina Black· · Opinion ·
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Healthy ways to move away from technological dependence

Sometimes we need a break from technology. In a world constantly screaming at us to buy this and wear that, it can be liberating to forget about all the media nonsense for a few minutes. I can’t think of a single social media influence worse than TikTok. Not only are you drowning hours of your day mindlessly consuming short clips […]

by Jackson Carse· · Arts and Life, Life ·

We shouldn’t hide behind our screens

I love technology and I am going to admit that I might let it rule my life more than I should — the other day I literally texted my roommate even though we were sitting in the same room. Of course, technology definitely makes our lives easier, but as a society I think we have gotten to the point where […]

by Jade Hosick· · Opinion ·
Editorial: How media can make the world look worse

Editorial: How media can make the world look worse

A few weeks ago, one my friends told me that he felt as if the general population of the world is sadder than it has ever been. He gave me some valid reasons for why he felt this way, including things like our addiction to technology, worldwide political disarray, global warming, etc. Although my first instinct was to agree with […]

by Pranav Desai· · Opinion ·
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The case for terminating all technology

The past few years have been weird and our culture has seen a meteoric rise in inverted values. Globalism has evaporated to nationalism, the universally held value of an education has transformed into anti-intellectualism, etc. What’s valuable about this type of role reversal is that it suggests a reframing of our unquestioned values. By applying different hypothetical starting points, we […]

by Karlis Wilde· · Opinion ·
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Unsigned: constant cellphone connections are contaminating

This week, we received an anonymous “Letter to the Editor” from a student who was concerned with making meaningful relationships. This student, rather than wanting to be printed in the paper, wished to spark a discussion and highlight the dangers of our frivolous small talk. Sparked by this student’s letter, we decided the best course of action was to take […]

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The “fear of missing out” prevents us from experiencing the real world

One of my students, a bright and engaged student, came to see me because she was troubled: she was addicted to her many electronic gadgets. The first thing she does upon waking is reach for her smartphone, checking texts that might have come during the night. She then lights up Facebook to see what’s trending; then it’s Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter […]

by Don Morgenson· · Opinion ·
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Benefits of personal activity trackers

A healthy lifestyle is one that can be hard to maintain as a student, but with the help of new technologies, you can now be better informed about your well-being. Physical activity trackers have become an increasingly popular product which help people stay on top of their health. These products, such as the Fitbit, are able to monitor your heart […]

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