We shouldn’t hide behind our screens

Graphic by Jaime Mere

I love technology and I am going to admit that I might let it rule my life more than I should — the other day I literally texted my roommate even though we were sitting in the same room.

Of course, technology definitely makes our lives easier, but as a society I think we have gotten to the point where the power technology gives us, harms us more than anything.

Technology seems to be lowering people’s emotional intelligence, something that is so needed in our society.

I think that we are in a day and age where communicating over technology allows people to be two different people online and in person — even just private messaging and texting allows a someone to do that.

People can be mean or rude to you through a text, but then in front of everyone else act super nice. I think we are all guilty of not wanting to start a confrontation, so we just send a message instead when we know the content will potentially upset the receiver.

Everyone now has the power to hide behind a screen and say whatever they want without the consequences of having an actual hard conversation.

People can hide behind fake profile pictures and post hateful, racist, or derogatory content and not have to worry about people in their real lives knowing that they comment like that.

It’s a little trickier when the person is not hiding behind a persona but rather just using their phones as a device to hide.

People need to be able to have difficult conversations in person, not hide behind a screen.

Communication is a key aspect of everyday life that relying on hiding behind texts is not a good idea when entering the real world.

Sometimes hiding behind a screen to get your point across isn’t going to fly; one day your boss might call you into their office and now you can’t hide behind a device.

I get it, some conversations are difficult to have in person, and I am guilty of sometimes texting when I should have had an in-person conversation.

But, in the long run those conversations are going to make you a better communicator overall.

What I ask of you guys is this; if you have a difficult conversation, have decency and do it in person.

No more hiding behind a screen so you don’t have to be mean in person.

Deal with the people and their reactions in person, that is the most effective way to communicate.

Do not text and then leave the messages for extended periods of time. Or, at least, try to make face-to-face conversations more real, where you aren’t hiding.

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