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What in collaboration? How to maneuver the dreaded task

By far, the two scariest words in the English language are “group project.” The excuse I was always given in high school for making these collaborative nightmares mandatory was that it would give us preparation for the “real world” of employment, where we’d have to work with other people to reach a collective goal. That’s pretty difficult to see when […]

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Facing life after university

Facing life after university

Reading Week was implemented at Wilfrid Laurier University for students to catch up on their course material mid-way through the semester. While some students may actually study or work on assignments, many come back to their old homes to relive their old style of living. You hang out with family and childhood friends and you become reminded of all of […]

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Unsigned: Sex education should continue past high school

When’s the last time you had proper sex education? For most of us, it came in grade nine gym class. That was a long time ago for university students. If one thing’s for sure, it’s that sex isn’t static. Why should our sex education stop at the beginning of high school? There’s an assumption that grade nine is when people […]

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Opting in for the better of the student body

Last week’s edition of The Cord contained an article about student fees that I found concerning. The author argued that students who feel they are not directly benefiting from services funded by their student fees should opt-out. That is a monumentally bad idea, not just for the person opting out, but for all the other students at the school. To […]

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Letter to the Editor: 10-hour rule

Letter to the Editor: 10-hour rule

In the 1990’s the Ontario Government sought support from the Ontario Council on Graduate Studies for something called the 10-Hour Rule, which states that graduate students are not allowed to work more than an average of 10 hours per week on-campus. The OCGS adopted the rule, binding all Ontario universities to comply. In 2014 the government realized their mistake and […]

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Falling in love with your major

Though I haven’t been very vocal about it, over the summer I worked on the set of a History Channel documentary called Black Watch Snipers, highlighting the men of the Royal Highland Regiment during World War Two.  At the time, I knew that the story we were telling was an incredible one, but I didn’t know the magnitude of the […]

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Men’s hockey anticipates upcoming season

The Laurier men’s hockey team is looking to make some noise this year in the OUA standings. After finishing up last season with a playoff loss to the Western Mustangs, the coaching staff and players are hungry for more this season. “The goal is simple, to win an OUA championship,” Said head coach, Greg Puhalski. This year’s roster is bolstered […]

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The jungle juice jinx

Last Saturday night I invited a couple friends over to pre-game. I had found an intensive Jurassic Park movie drinking game online and was prepared to become intoxicatingly mesmerized by the 993 dino-CGI. I prepared two large servings of jungle juice. “Jug A” contained two 295 millilitre berry concentrate packs, 885 millilitres of water and 600 millilitres of Bacardi rum. […]

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