The Cord is now hiring our 2017-18 team! Please submit both a resume and platform to our incoming Editor-in-Chief Kurtis Rideout ( by Friday, April 21, 2017 at midnight. All positions are a one-year contract, beginning on May 1, 2017.

A platform is an in depth cover letter. Please outline your relevant experience, vision for the job/section you are applying for, changes you would make and what would stay the same. Please also indicate if there are any other positions you would be interested in if we are unable to give you your first option. Click on the below job titles for full descriptions.

*Note: Management positions are salaried, part-time positions, whereas Editorial Board and Senior Staff positions are voluntary, with the potential of receiving a performance-based honorarium at the end of the fall and winter semesters.

What is the commitment over the summer?

The Cord still publishes over the summer, just fewer issues. If hired, you will be expected to come to Waterloo and contribute to summer production and training sessions once a month from May-August.

Why should you work for The Cord opposed to just being a general volunteer?

Being a manager, member of the ed board or senior staffer allows you hands on experience in both print and digital media that you cannot gain in the classroom. As a staff member, you will have input as to what appears in The Cord every week; you will be given the freedom and agency to make big decisions for your campus media. You will be given the opportunity to meet industry professionals and become more ingrained with the Laurier community, as well as the K-W community. Several “Cordies” from the past have excelled as freelancers or have gone on to work for major media organizations such as The Globe and Mail, Vice and CTV.

Managerial Staff

All manager positions have been filled at this time.

Editorial Board:

Photo Editor

Online Editor

Video Editor

Senior Staff:

Social Media and Recruitment Coordinator