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A bad gift isn’t the end of the Christmas experience

It’s Christmas morning. You’re sitting with your family, gathered around the Christmas tree, enjoying each other’s company. The floor is littered with gift wrapping, and the time for opening presents is coming to an end. As you take the last sip of luke-warm hot chocolate, you can feel the holiday cheer begin to fade as you realize that Christmas has […]

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Succulents: Are these the new pet rocks?

You’ve seen them at grocery stores and garden centres and chances are, you now have one on your bedside table. The Tamagotchi of your youth has now turned into a leafy, cacti-looking plant, a succulent to be exact. Succulents are plants with thick stems and leaves that help them retain water, quite similar to plants you would find in the […]

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Disney’s Queen of Katwe: a twist on the classic fairytale

Disney’s Queen of Katwe: a twist on the classic fairytale

Disney has been releasing rags-to-riches tales since the dawn of time, though its latest addition, Queen of Katwe, is a far cry from the Cinderella of our youth. While the film opens to a scene of the heroine, Phiona, smartly dressed as she enters a chess tournament, the film quickly rewinds years earlier to Katwe, an area in the Ugandan […]

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