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Finding podcasts that help you ponder life

Want a break from life? Tired of the exceedingly mundane? Have you considered podcasts? Of course you have, everyone and their grandmother has a podcast they love. I have six that hold a permanent spot in my audio library. However, I want to talk about just three podcasts and what makes them unique. So my first one, which is currently […]

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Keep your eyes on The Kents

Lindsay is a small town in Ontario located along the Scugog River. Founded in 1825, it’s claim to fame since then has been that it was the home of a long dead military official. Trip Advisor suggests checking out the Lounge Haven Cottage and Boating Club, if you’re so inclined. In more recent years, however, the town has received attention […]

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Reliving the nineties on the silver screen

Reliving the nineties on the silver screen

There’s something special about seeing your favourite movies on the big screen. As Karlis Wilde – The Cord’s features editor – revealed last issue, going to the theatre is an experience beyond the actual movie itself. It’s not just the two-hour run time, it’s the atmosphere created around the theatre that keeps us coming back time and time again in […]

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The Button Factory hosts community folktales, anecdotes and music

Presented by the Baden Storytellers’ Guild, Stories Aloud is an event hosted at Button Factory Arts the second Friday of every month from Sept until June. These nights are intended to showcase the medium of traditional oral storytelling, encouraging audience members to participate and share their own tales if they feel inspired to do so. The atmosphere at Button Factory is warm […]

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