2018 in review: top 3’s of the year

2018 in review: top 3’s of the year

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Laurier advocates to eliminate gender based violence

Laurier advocates to eliminate gender based violence

The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence is currently taking place on Wilfrid Laurier University’s campuses, from Nov. 26 to Dec. 10.   The initiative is being collaboratively run by Laurier Sexual Violence Education Group, Laurier’s Student Wellness Centre, the Diversity and Equity Office, Waterloo Region’s Sexual Assault Centre as well as Advocates for Student Culture of Consent.   “This […]

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Arts organizations students can get involved in

Coming into Laurier as a Toronto-bred, big city kid, I thought the only cultural attractions in Kitchener-Waterloo were the swarths of geese that congregated around campus. Now I work for a non-profit theatre company in Kitchener and every day I eat my words. There are so many fantastic arts organizations hidden in Laurier’s backyard, and they all want to engage […]

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A run down of fun flicks to see this summer

  With the summer rolling in full force and the obvious choices of summer blockbusters already passing through theatres, what movies do we have to look forward to? This summer in particular seems to be the summer of sequels, including Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, The Incredibles 2, The First Purge, Equalizer 2 and Unfriended: Dark Web, among countless others. In […]

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E3 2018 announces an exciting roster of new games

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 as it’s more commonly referred to as amongst the gaming community, recently held its 24th annual conference in Los Angeles from June 12 to 14. The heavily advertised and eagerly anticipated event focused on the upcoming products being introduced by software developers, hardware manufacturers and publishers in the video game industry. The event had […]

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How ‘This is America’ challenges modern society

Donald Glover — the Emmy, Golden Globe and Grammy award winning artist known as the critically acclaimed talent behind the moniker Childish Gambino — recently released a music video for his latest hit single, “This is America.”  The video currently holds 172,189,383 million views on YouTube and has garnered a significant amount of attention on social media. Rife with relevant […]

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The inspirational effects of music and creativity

As a booming creative industry reaching multiple outlets, the music industry has followed a linear pattern of complexity. Good design is what it’s all about, and due to the rapid increase of  vinyl, music is becoming as intricate as ever.  Artists who put the time into concept designs of albums are the ones you should keep around in your bumping […]

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The power of Danielle Ponder and The Tomorrow People

The power of Danielle Ponder and The Tomorrow People

  Danielle Ponder and the Tomorrow People hit the stage in an epic performance on Feb. 28 at the Maureen Forrester Hall. The day long event, which included a speaking engagement and a performance was called For the Love of Justice. This event was created by Karen Stote and Helen Ramirez, two women and gender studies professors. Danielle Ponder and […]

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Building a community in a snake pit

In every city there’s two kinds of art scenes. There’s the obvious one, with the bands that play in the public square — you can bring your own lawn-chair and your kids can play with the puzzles drawn in to the concrete. It’s nice and idyllic, the type of art scene that helps build a community and bring people together. […]

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