Laurier’s hawk shop: holiday gifts for the golden hawks in your life this year 

The Hawk Shop
Photo by: Sadiya Teeple

As the holiday season approaches, consider stopping by the Hawk Shop to make your holiday purchases. 

From festive options to more practical purchases, there’s something for everyone.  

One of the Hawk Shop’s most popular products would be “Definitely be the four-month calendar,” said Madalyn Holcomb, a supervisor at the Hawk Shop when asked what the shop’s most popular products are.  

This calendar is featured in the shop every year. 

“On one side it’s a dry erase calendar, and the other is a calendar,” said Holcomb.  

“The lanyard is also a popular choice at the beginning of the year,” said Holcomb. 

For those looking for something cozy to wear, purchasing a sweatshirt is ideal. 

“I would say that the basic Laurier Champion sweatshirt is a popular option all year. It’s nice to have the Laurier colours and a nice cozy champion sweater.” 

Holcomb stated that her personal favourite part of the holiday season is the overall “vibe” during this time of year. 

“The feeling you get when all the storefronts put their holiday displays in the windows and the new winter apparel comes out – I think that’s my favourite thing.” 

As far as holiday shopping goes at the Hawk Shop, there are some items that are featured in the store every year such as cards, mugs, socks and stockings. 

“I know that every year we do hanging Christmas globes for the tree that are customized with Laurier colours and the specific year,” said Holcomb. 

“Some of them have Midas the golden hawk on them. I would recommend those to anyone graduating in 2023.” 

Ready to cozy up by the fire with  a loved one? 

“We also do Christmas pyjamas which is a staple for the Christmas season. It’s nice because they are gender neutral,” said Holcomb. 

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