Free food in good faith with P2C Laurier

Over the past two months, Power to Change (P2C) Laurier has invited students to a weekly group meeting called “Alpha” that they’ve been hosting.

Open to everyone regardless of their beliefs, students are invited to participate in conversations about a wide range of subjects, from the Bible to metaphysical questions.

Wilf’s provides a free meal as students discuss these topics.

Attending Alpha sessions provides students with a fun opportunity to meet new people in the community and gain new perspectives.

“Alpha is more accessible to someone who is approaching faith for the first time and hasn’t perhaps heard what Christianity’s about,” said Ben Kovac, a member of the P2C Outreach team.

I’ve always been interested in learning more about different religions, hearing people’s testimonials, and the relationships they have with their beliefs and religious identities.

Power to Change’s Alpha is a great space for open conversation, where you can bring forward questions, comments, or criticisms of Christianity and be met with rational conversation.

Photo by: Hari Adnani

I attended the dinner on March 13. The evening started off with a video produced by the Power to Change ministry, headquartered in British Columbia.

These videos showcase a different topic every week, presenting Christian viewpoints through contemporary examples.

After the video, attendees engage in a discussion where they address how they feel about the viewpoints presented and how that may relate to their own lives with help from a discussion leader.

“The whole point of the Bible is to be shared; we want to introduce this to new people and we invite people in any walk of faith.

“We want to be open to communication and talking about our faith in a way that’s accessible,” said Joshua Solomon, a student passionate about P2C who has been involved for many years.

A friendly community, free food, and interesting conversation – what more could you ask for from an evening on campus?

“Come out to Alpha – talk to friends and have a conversation,” said Solomon.

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