WILL looks back on a successful academic year

It has been a remarkable year for Women in Leadership Laurier (WILL), marked by meaningful events and community engagement.


One of the group’s highlights of the academic year includes the ShopHer marketplace event that took place on Feb. 26.

The event provided a unique opportunity for small businesses to showcase and sell their products.

In 2024, WILL focused on businesses led by women of colour, significantly boosting attendance and community involvement.

“The ShopHer event provided a remarkable opportunity to create awareness for women of colour’s small businesses in the Laurier community. Not only that, it empowered students to continue this event next year based on the success,” said Elisa Ho, WILL’s First Year Representative.

Next, the organization hosted several events throughout the year, including the Women in Healthcare panel.

This panel provided a deep dive into the industry, featuring leaders from various sectors such as medical services, tech, and pharmaceuticals.

During the event, speakers shared insightful details about the milestones and challenges they have faced as women in the healthcare industry.

These insights helped to shed light on the unique obstacles and achievements that they encountered in their professional journeys.

Additionally, the panel served as a significant opportunity for Laurier students to engage actively with these industry leaders.

Students who chose to attend had the chance to ask questions and gain a deeper understanding of the healthcare field from a female perspective.

The Q&A period helped to make the event an educational and enlightening experience for those aspiring to enter similar paths.

The Global Women’s Summit, a flagship event organized by WILL, gained significant attention for its focus on empowering women in the corporate sector.

The summit highlighted the achievements of career-driven female leaders who are part of committees like WILL within their organizations.

During the event, speakers shared their insights and experiences on making substantial impacts in their companies and pioneering changes to enhance gender equality in their respective industries.

Another significant achievement was WILL’s annual book drive, notably successful through their Little Library initiative.

Books were priced accessibly for student wallets at $1, $2, and $5 per book.

Proceeds from the event went towards supporting the Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region.

“The book drive was a blast and exactly what Laurier needed,” said Dua Asad, another member of WILL’s First Year Representatives. “Many people are switching over to digital E-Book platforms, so it was nice to see everyone join together and participate in a book swap and donate for an important cause.”

Through these events, WILL has not only fostered leadership and learning but also contributed to the local community, continuing to embody their mission of empowerment and support.

As the year concludes, WILL celebrates a year of achievement. The organization also looks forward to continuing its mission of promoting women’s leadership and making a positive impact in the community.

To stay updated on WILL’s future events or get involved, follow their Instagram @willaurier or @willmentorship.

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