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Lana’s Lounge provides a great atmosphere

Lana’s Lounge provides a great atmosphere

Nestled into the 220 King Street N. Plaza, surrounded by various other restaurants and cafes, is the home of a newly opened lounge and restaurant called Lana’s Lounge.   “We opened to the public April 12 of this year,” said Marissa Mansz, co-owner of Lana’s Lounge. Both owners, Mansz and Shan, have a great deal of experience in other fields. “We […]

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How ‘This is America’ challenges modern society

Donald Glover — the Emmy, Golden Globe and Grammy award winning artist known as the critically acclaimed talent behind the moniker Childish Gambino — recently released a music video for his latest hit single, “This is America.”  The video currently holds 172,189,383 million views on YouTube and has garnered a significant amount of attention on social media. Rife with relevant […]

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Sticks and Scones is a new local treat

Sticks & Scones, a trendy and modern bakery, has recently opened its doors in the heart of the university area, located at 62 Balsam Street, behind Wilfrid Laurier University’s Lazaridis Hall.  The local bakery, which has now been open for approximately two months, offers customers fresh coffee and baked goods as well as a specialty catering service.  The store front […]

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The inspirational effects of music and creativity

As a booming creative industry reaching multiple outlets, the music industry has followed a linear pattern of complexity. Good design is what it’s all about, and due to the rapid increase of  vinyl, music is becoming as intricate as ever.  Artists who put the time into concept designs of albums are the ones you should keep around in your bumping […]

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Nick and Taylor explore KW’s food scene

If you were to ask someone what the Kitchener-Waterloo region is known for, what would you say?  Some of the most popular answers would be Google or the tech industry; many others might struggle to think of an answer at all, but what about food?  A duo of local individuals are attempting to bring awareness to the great food culture […]

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Changing Badbadnotgood to Goodgoodnotbad

Photo by Kate Weber On March 28, I had the opportunity to see BadBadNotGood live at Maxwell’s. The Toronto based band is taking your parents’ boring old jazz music and serving you with a fresh genre you never thought you could be into as much as you are now. I had very high hopes for this concert as I attended […]

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Final issue: reflecting on the year in Arts & Life

This year has been, in a word, a whirlwind. Full of ups and downs, it has been a learning experience for everyone involved in The Cord. But through it all it has been my wholehearted belief that none of it would have been possible without volunteers. If you’re unaware, volunteerism is one of the top values within WLUSP — that’s […]

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The Ides of Laurier: Daniel Caesar is a hit

Walking out of the first concert I’ve experienced in the Theatre Auditorium, I left perplexed as to why this hadn’t always been the go-to venue for on-campus concerts. It has all the capabilities to provide a true concert experience without the GO transit fare needed to funnel into Toronto, regardless of whether or not it’s capacity may overwhelm the clout […]

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