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Keep your eyes on The Kents

Lindsay is a small town in Ontario located along the Scugog River. Founded in 1825, it’s claim to fame since then has been that it was the home of a long dead military official. Trip Advisor suggests checking out the Lounge Haven Cottage and Boating Club, if you’re so inclined. In more recent years, however, the town has received attention […]

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London, France, let’s talk about underpants!

I have some breaking news for you, so you better sit down if you’re not already. Women wear underwear. Along with the cultural obsession with bra straps, another worst-kept-secret seems to be underwear — namely, visible panty lines. “It’s very strange that underwear and the idea that people have to wear underwear is sexualized,” Alicia Hall, assistant coordinator at the […]

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What you value in experience: Refinding the drive-in

We were barely late to Friday night’s double feature at the Mustang drive-in and it was definitely a sign of good things to come. The night’s bill included the reimagining of Stephen King’s classic, It and the prequel to the Conjuring’s spin off, Annabelle: Creation. The show should have felt like an uninspired exploration of the classic tropes of childhood […]

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Creating a dialogue about consent for first-year students

On Sept. 6, in the heart of Orientation Week, Wilfrid Laurier University hosted Mike Domitrz, founder of the Date Safe Project, author of Can I Kiss You and public speaker. Domitrz gave an informative presentation on consent and its concomitants. Date Safe Project is an organization which has the mission statement to prevent sexual assault and promote healthy intimacy and […]

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A peek at The Cord staff bookshelf

A peek at The Cord staff bookshelf

At the recent Canada Day celebrations in Ottawa, our nation’s two newest astronauts were revealed to be Joshua Kutryk and Jennifer Sidey. Since I’ve always been interested in space exploration and the people involved in it, I took the time to read through interviews with the two new members of the Canadian Space Agency. In one such interview with Joshua […]

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The importance of fitness and healthy eating

The transition from August to September is difficult for many university students. A four month break from studying is not easy to overcome, even if most people are working during the summer. The university mindset is much different and students often find themselves falling behind in the first month of the school year. Although many people may describe this as […]

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