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Photo by Yitian Cai

Graffiti Market puts a unique spin on the casual restaurant experience

If you’re looking for something new to experience in Waterloo, I would highly recommend heading over to Graffiti Market. Located at 137 Glasgow Street in Kitchener at Catalyst137 — the world’s largest IoT manufacturing hub — Graffiti Market aims to provide art, technology and great food to their customers. Graffiti Market, however, is more than a unique place to dine. […]

by Safina Husein· · Arts and Life ·
Photo by Yitian Cai

Golden Hearth Bakery provides fresh, handmade goods to local community

Located on the corner of King and Cedar Street in Kitchener, is a local, 11 year-old confectionery that sells baked goods made completely from scratch with quality, organic ingredients. Providing a variety of fresh products for both the community and other localities in the area like Gilt Restaurant Bar and Lounge, Legacy Greens, Smile Tiger Coffee Roasters and Vincenzo’s — […]

by Emily Waitson· · Arts and Life ·
Photo by Kash Patel

Inclusive DEO event endeavours to be a safe space on campus

On Wednesday, Oct. 24, between 7:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., the Rainbow Centre, the Centre for Women and Trans People and Laurier Students’ Public Interest Research Group (LSPIRG) hosted their  “Love Letters to Inclusive Feminism” event at Wilfrid Laurier.  Located within the Macdonald House on the Laurier Waterloo campus, it offered a chance for individuals to come together, write, craft […]

by Aaron Hagey· · Arts and Life ·
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“The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” charms Netflix audiences

On Oct. 26, the long anticipated The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina premiered on Netflix. Though it may not be the horror fix you’re looking for, it’s worth the watch whether you’re a fan of the comics or earlier adaptations or not. If you’re a fan of Riverdale, the highest marketing point of Sabrina as the two shows have the same […]

by Madeline McInnis· · Arts and Life ·
Photo by Yitian Cai

Thrifting in KW for sustainable fashion

Thrifting and vintage shopping have turned into a rising trend in a time where sustainable fashion and the ethics surrounding it are becoming more valued in terms of how and where we shop.  Fast fashion dominates a large portion of clothing sales, which multiple large corporations have been revealed to make in order to produce their products at massive rates.  […]

by Emily Waitson· · Arts and Life ·
Graphic by Maddie Quest

Pumpkin patches that fit your seasonal needs

There are few things more seasonally appropriate during the month of October than pumpkin picking. Whether you bring them home to bake into a pie, display on your porch or carve into a spooky decoration, pumpkin picking is a fun activity no matter how old you are. Luckily for those of us who enjoy it, we aren’t just limited to […]

by Emily Waitson· · Arts and Life ·
Photo by Madeline McInnis

The Rocky Horror Picture Show continues its legacy after 43 years

If you ever see a collection of eccentrically dressed individuals sauntering towards your local cinema this Halloween season with a seemingly random assortment of items — rubber gloves, rice, toast, a newspaper, squirt guns, playing cards — and sometimes even hot dogs, then they might just be going to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The movie, immediately recognizable for […]

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