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Valleys is a new sound for a new band

  Remember when Down With Webster went on hiatus? If you don’t that’s fine, I admittedly didn’t notice. But did anyone notice when they formed a new band? Patrick Gillet, Cameron Hunter, Tyler Armes and Andrew Martino — while on hiatus — formed a new band called Honors. Before we continue, I’ve noted and deducted imaginary and insignificant points from […]

by Shyenne MacDonald· · Arts, Arts and Life ·
Graphic by Alan Li

Signing off Tumblr for the final time

  A little over a year and a half ago, I signed off of Tumblr and never signed back on. I wasn’t Tumblr famous or anything, but I did have several posts with thousands of reblogs. Deactivating my account was hard, but it was worth it for my mental health. This sounds pretty counterintuitive on the surface. Tumblr seems to […]

by Madeline McInnis· · Arts and Life, Life ·
Graphic by Alan Li

New Year resolutions to kick off your semester

New Year, new me, right? Whether you’re for or against New Year’s resolutions, the beginning of 2018 represents a fresh start and an opportunity to become a better more authentic you. I, for one, have never been into the big New Year’s plan things, but there are some habits that I’ve been meaning to pick up and now’s the perfect […]

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Photo by Qiao Lui

Black Mirror: A reflection of the modern world?

This morning I saw Pizza Hut tweet a picture of their concept for a fully autonomous delivery vehicle. Shortly after this went out, the official twitter handle for Black Mirror — the much talked about Netflix exclusive which was picked up off of British television public-access station, Channel 4 — sent out a response. “We know how this goes,” the tweet […]

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