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Photo by Marco Pedri

THEMUSEUM’s Mac & Cheese Festival brings out K-W’s finest

On a cold, stormy night in downtown Kitchener, a mac and cheese festival seemed like the perfect place to take refuge. Despite a sour event last year, THEMUSEUM’s Mac & Cheese Festival returned for a second year to dispel all doubts. The layout was set up similar to Taco Fest, a very successful event also held at THEMUSEUM. Instead of […]

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Photo by Paige Bush

New laws enforcing calorie counts on food menus raise concern

Last week, I went to Burrito Boyz with some coworkers for lunch. As I read the menu, I noticed that all of the calorie counts were beside each option. When it came time to order, I found myself subconsciously changing my order last minute to something that had less calories than the meal I had originally wanted. As of Jan. […]

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Photo by Chad Butt

Kitchener Public Library event to take artistic angle to social injustice

Social justice, and fighting the good fight have been brought to the forefront of our Western world today more than ever. With all the political uncertainty attempting to push back years of progress, Canadians and those within the K-W community have begun to take action. On March 1, Laurier women’s studies professor Helen Ramirez, along with a team of Laurier […]

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February reads to make the most of your week off

February reads to make the most of your week off

Not so Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella Not so Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella If you were a fan of the Shopaholic series, Sophie Kinsella’s newest book will not disappoint.  Kinsella perfectly captures the “young woman in a big city” trope, much like Rebecca Bloomwood’s character in the Shopaholic series.  This trope resonates with newly graduated people who have dreams […]

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A diverse playlist to celebrate decades of influential black music

A diverse playlist to celebrate decades of influential black music

“Jab FOREVER” by Skinny Banton The song “Jab FOREVER” by Grenadian Soca artist, Skinny Banton, rings with black pride. It has an infectious rhythm and melody that pulsates in your veins and encourages celebration. While the song hints to elements of Grenada’s carnival (Jab is French patois for “Devil” — a folklore character in carnival celebrations), it also speaks to […]

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