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No host? No problem: the 2019 Oscars did just fine on its own

The ninety-first Academy Awards aired this Sunday and even though the show garnered controversy before it even aired this year, for the first time in years, it felt more refined and less drawn out than ever before. With Kevin Hart let go from his original position as host, due to previously-posted homophobic tweets and debate about whether or not the […]

by Emily Waitson· · Arts and Life ·
Photo by Eva Ou

How to maintain intimacy in a long-distance relationship

Valentine’s Day can feel like a form of victory when you have a designated individual to share it with. This day may also make you feel defeated when you have a partner but are in the midst of a long-distance relationship. As it has been perpetuated, Valentine’s Day calls for extraordinary, social media-worthy acts of affection that ultimately places a […]

by Margaret Russell· · Arts and Life ·
Graphic by Kash Patel

Breaking down the stigma surrounding genital piercings

Piercings of any kind — with the exception of ear piercings perhaps — have historically gained a certain amount of stigma depending on their body part placement and style.  There probably isn’t a more controversial piercing of choice, however, than the different variations you can get on male and female genitals.  These can range from the Prince Albert, a piercing […]

by Emily Waitson· · Arts and Life ·