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Vocal Cord for Feb. 14: “Self-love on Valentines”

Vocal Cord for Feb. 14: “Self-love on Valentines”

We went to the Laurier Waterloo Concourse and asked students what their plans were for self love on Valentine’s Day and these are some of their responses.  Amara Zammit “I’m probably going to go shopping and buy myself something that I love, you know, just to cheer myself up.” Daniel Vanayan “Make the most scrumptious and tasty dinner, with […]

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Graphic by Alan Li

Understanding the concept of micro-cheating

Micro-cheating: the newest trending term to hit the pop culture dating. After doing some brief research on the definition I was taken back and came to the conclusion that I am a lot happier being single in 2018 than I thought I was. Essentially, micro cheating is the act of thinking highly of someone in any sexual manner, it is […]

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Ranking the top dating apps for gay men

Grindr Navigation: Scroll up/down How it works: you are limited to a single profile picture and a 250-character bio. You are given a large variety of stat options to fill out (height, weight, body type, position, relationship status, etc.). This goes into heavy detail and reveals all your secrets right away. You also have standard settings for age-range and distance, […]

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Learning to trust after trauma

Content warning: this article contains potentially triggering information regarding sexual assault. When I was young I used to have petit mal seizures, they’re not serious and have only happened twice since beginning my adulthood. But, from my understanding, if I get too stressed my body will shut down. I lose my vision and hearing, then ultimately consciousness. I always called […]

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Dear Timberlake, please get out of the woods

Here’s a question: does anyone watch the Super Bowl just for the football anymore, or are we all collectively more invested in the half-time show? To be fair, historically speaking — and yes, Lady Gaga’s performance last year was indeed historic — the shows are vastly more interesting than the first half of the game. Especially when the Patriots are […]

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Building a community in a snake pit

In every city there’s two kinds of art scenes. There’s the obvious one, with the bands that play in the public square — you can bring your own lawn-chair and your kids can play with the puzzles drawn in to the concrete. It’s nice and idyllic, the type of art scene that helps build a community and bring people together. […]

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Alex Pangman is the sweetheart of Swing

On Feb. 3, Juno nominee Alex Pangman performed at the Jazz Room in the Huether Hotel alongside the Benny Goodman Quartet. Admittedly, jazz isn’t something I’m interested in or something that I “get”. At seemingly random and innocuous points the audience would get really “jazzed” and start clapping over a particular string of notes. Maybe you need to be musically […]

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