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Photo by Madeline McInnis

These notebooks are noteworthy: the best journal for the job

I’m one of those students who, if I’m on my laptop, I’m bound to be on Facebook instead of taking notes. For that reason, as well as to help with memory, I made the switch to handwriting. Between my bullet journal, my creative pocket notebook, my publications notebook and my class notes, I almost always have my backpack jammed with […]

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Graphic by Alan Li

A ghastly and ghostly movie date

On Thursday, September 28th, students and the community members were invited to an outdoor screening of the 1982 spooky classic, Poltergeist. An event hosted by Fresh Air Films and CreateWaterloo, it seemed to be an appealing activity for the university crowd. Given the fact that it was free and hosted in a central area that many people in the city […]

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Graphic by Alan Li

Finding podcasts that help you ponder life

Want a break from life? Tired of the exceedingly mundane? Have you considered podcasts? Of course you have, everyone and their grandmother has a podcast they love. I have six that hold a permanent spot in my audio library. However, I want to talk about just three podcasts and what makes them unique. So my first one, which is currently […]

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Photo by Shyenne MacDonald

School for Scandal is a smashing success

  On Sept. 22 and 23, Student Budget Productions hosted their rendition of School for Scandal, a play by Richard Brinsley Sheridan written in 1777. Unlike most comedies in his time, Sheridan had taken the focus from court life and put it onto the newly influential merchant class. When the play opened in the eighteenth century, it had filled houses […]

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Graphic by Alan LI

Creating FOMO (fear of missing out) through musical experiences

In the immortal words of Goyte’s 2011 hit “Somebody that I used to know,” you can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness. Except, this sadness isn’t born from an unhealthy romantic experience, instead it’s the FOMO. Which means –  if you’re perpetually out of sync with the latest acronyms like me – the feeling of missing out. If […]

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