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Photo by Luke Sarazin

Final issue: reflecting on the year in Arts & Life

This year has been, in a word, a whirlwind. Full of ups and downs, it has been a learning experience for everyone involved in The Cord. But through it all it has been my wholehearted belief that none of it would have been possible without volunteers. If you’re unaware, volunteerism is one of the top values within WLUSP — that’s […]

by Shyenne MacDonald· · Arts and Life ·
Photo by Sadman Sakib Rahman

The Ides of Laurier: Daniel Caesar is a hit

Walking out of the first concert I’ve experienced in the Theatre Auditorium, I left perplexed as to why this hadn’t always been the go-to venue for on-campus concerts. It has all the capabilities to provide a true concert experience without the GO transit fare needed to funnel into Toronto, regardless of whether or not it’s capacity may overwhelm the clout […]

by Manjot Bhullar· · Arts and Life ·
Photo by Luke Sarazin

Get him to the Greek restaurant!

In case you missed the most recent renovation in the little building between Phil’s and the King St. residence, there is a new Greek restaurant, Olive Tree, near campus. After getting the most conventional Mediterranean dish (lamb souvlaki) I could think of, I am optimistic that this place can do well by having captured a unique approach the other restaurants […]

by Garrison Oosterhof· · Arts and Life, Food ·