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Subscription services that are useful and budget friendly for students

I’m always hesitant to spend money on an app or a subscription service, since you never know how well it will work out and it can be difficult to cancel it depending on what you choose to sign up with. I’ve gone through an unending trial and error process with subscriptions and there are definitely some standout options that are […]

by Emily Waitson· · Arts and Life ·
Graphic by Kash Patel

What’s next when you’re getting involved?

Now that you’ve been to the Get Involved Fair and you’ve seen all the clubs you want to get involved with — and probably some that you don’t — your schedule is probably looking pretty full. That’s fantastic for now, but when midterms and final assignments roll around, having activities straight from 8:30 in the morning to 12:00 at night […]

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True North Beer Festival is on its way to KW

True North Beer Festival is coming to Kitchener this upcoming Saturday Sept. 15, 2018 for its third and final stop of the year. “We are a touring craft beer festival and we set out to bring micro brewers that have minimal to no distribution outside of their local area,” said Peter Lazar, creative director of True North Beer Festival. Taking […]

by Safina Husein· · Arts and Life ·
Photo by Madeline McInnis

See what gas prices are like here in our Waterloo Region

As a brand new term of school begins, some you may be feeling particularly light in the pocketbook. Went a bit too hard over the weekend? Moving in cost more than you thought? Didn’t get as much from OSAP as you were expecting? Or perhaps you’re just a fiscally conscious and responsible adult, as the rest of us ought to […]

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Scott Helman blows Laurier away

Scott Helman blows Laurier away

On Sept. 10, excited music-goers lined up for a Saturday night concert to welcome back Laurier students to a new year at the Athletic Complex. With the opening act slated to begin at 10 p.m., the performance didn’t start until nearly an hour later — but it was worth the wait. Rich Aucoin — a Nova Scotia born indie rock […]

by Emily Waitson· · Arts and Life ·
Photo by Jackie Vang

The Beat Goes On is expanding in KW region

The Beat Goes On, a chain of both new and second-hand CD’s, vinyl, DVD’s, Blu-ray and other audio visual goodies is on the move in the Waterloo region. This chain often has you covered regardless of your taste. From really-hard-to-find B-movies, to new vinyl releases, they have it all. As of late August, what was originally Beat Goes On’s Waterloo […]

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Graphic by Kash Patel

Buck a beer isn’t as popular with breweries

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has garnered both praise and controversy regarding his decision to work towards lowering beer prices to just one dollar, an announcement which he has been proud to stand by since it was released. One criticism surrounding the ‘buck-a-beer’ campaign has been voiced by many local breweries who have seen this as an impractical policy to follow […]

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Photo by Safina Husein

Anchor Bar opens new location in Uptown Waterloo

On August 23, 2018 Anchor Bar held its official grand opening as the newest restaurant edition to uptown Waterloo. Anchor Bar in Waterloo — ‘home of the original buffalo wing’ — is the fifth location of Anchor Bar’s franchise in Canada. Anchor Bar began its history in 1965 in Buffalo, NY. Since then it has spread across the globe and, […]

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