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Photo by Madeline McInnis

Following community support, Princess Cinema to remain open until further notice

Following public outcry and community support for the Princess Original cinema in Waterloo, the theatre announced that it will not be closing its doors — for now. The cinema, which had been open since John Tutt, owner and proprietor, purchased the space in 1985 — over 34 years — had received news on April 12, 2019, that its tenancy with […]

by Aaron Waitson· · Local, News ·
Photo by Madeline McInnis

The Rocky Horror Picture Show continues its legacy after 43 years

If you ever see a collection of eccentrically dressed individuals sauntering towards your local cinema this Halloween season with a seemingly random assortment of items — rubber gloves, rice, toast, a newspaper, squirt guns, playing cards — and sometimes even hot dogs, then they might just be going to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The movie, immediately recognizable for […]

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Photo by Dylan Hines

Unexpected reactions to Horror Show Collective’s Scary Movie Challenge

When I think of scary movies, the first thing that comes to mind is horror, fake blood and graphic scenes with nothing real about them. On October 27, The Scary Movie Challenge, hosted by the Horror Show Collective was held at the Princess Cinemas in uptown Waterloo. The movie that was being showed was kept secret, but it was said […]

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