Rocky Horror returns to the princess cinema


Photo by Madeline McInnis

This Halloween, get ready to shiver with ‘antici…pation’ at the Princess Cinema’s annual showings of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  

Since 1987, the Princess has shown yearly screenings of this spooky-season favourite, with a multitude of attendees passing through their doors every year to watch the misadventure of newlyweds Brad Majors and Janet Weiss.  

When the couple finds themselves stranded in the castle of the eccentric and bizarre Dr. Frank-n-Furter, they discover parts of themselves that had never been touched, forcing them to reexamine their desires and relationships.  

The Kitchener-Waterloo region has a significant Rocky Horror following, as seen from the enthusiasm from both theatres and audiences across the city.   

John Tutt, owner of Princess Cinemas, elaborated on the tradition: “Waterloo has a huge Rocky Horror following and it’s a tradition we have really built on. It’s quite a unique thing. It’s a long-standing tradition that the Princess Cinema has maintained and built meticulously.” 

This year’s showings at the Princess will run from Oct. 26 to Oct. 31, with evening showtimes ranging from 7:00 p.m. to midnight depending on the day.  

In addition to watching this thrilling “oddball film”, audiences can also expect to play an active role in the viewing. They are encouraged to dress up as their favourite characters, sing along to the notorious soundtrack, and dance to the infamous ‘Time Warp.’  

Further, viewers are encouraged to use props during specific moments in the film, from throwing rice during the wedding scene to putting newspapers on their heads during the rainstorm. Props are welcome and encouraged, with one warning – do not throw props at the screen.  

“It’s the audience participation movie of all time,” explained Tutt. 

 “As an audience member, whether you’re coming to the Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time or have come various times over the years, there is always a sense of anticipation about what the audience will be like.”  

It is a common occurrence to see audience members singing and dancing on the stage and in the aisles during musical numbers, demonstrating how interactive this experience can be. 

“It’s unlike anything else we offer throughout the year,” Tutt said.  

Tickets are available online in advance and are expected to sell out quickly, so if it piques your interest, get them while you can.  

More information can be found on the Princess Cinemas’ website

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