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The vices with vaping: A dangerous habit that’s taking over teen and young adult culture

“Kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray.” I remember this poster hanging up in my high school health classroom. If you smoke, no one will want to kiss you. Oh, the horror.  In reality though, every kid had it drilled into them that smoking cigarettes was more or less like slowly nailing your own coffin closed. Lung cancer, heart […]

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Finding answers: the debilitating journey of women who seek solutions for their pain

Finding answers: the debilitating journey of women who seek solutions for their pain

“We were all just too sensitive. Fatigue too thick to make sense of phone, Trader Joe’s, Laundromat, let alone meeting, party, dance floor. We go away. Sick.”  — Dirty River Girl [Bodymap], Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha Standing in the line at Starbucks, I feel it. It creeps up on me — slowly at first. As the list of drinks on the […]

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Taking a chance on student housing in Waterloo Region

Taking a chance on student housing in Waterloo Region

 It’s no secret that the student housing market in Waterloo has reached the point of crisis. To those who are currently renting, this is nothing new. In recent days, however, the “Fuccommod8u” scandal has done more than rock the boat. A recent data breach released over 6000 alleged maintenance complaints from within student property management company Accommod8u has capsized […]

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Women’s athletics at Laurier has grown in leaps and bounds

In the 1990’s, Wilfrid Laurier University’s athletic facility only had four washroom stalls for the women’s athletic teams and the women’s change room was only a third of the size of the men’s change room.  Now, as of 2019, Laurier women’s varsity teams have won 36 out of the 73 OUA championships and seven of the 14 national championships in […]

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Dealing in on phone usage: Investigating students and their screen time

Dealing in on phone usage: Investigating students and their screen time

Cell phones have impacted the way we connect with people, places and things in our world today. They impact the way in which we move through our environment and have restructured the relationships people have with others and machines themselves. I spoke with Neil Balan, a professor teaching at Laurier within communication studies, global studies and cultural studies, who partly […]

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The Changing Tradition of Tattoo Culture

The Changing Tradition of Tattoo Culture

  For the first period of my life, getting tattoos was something that a large majority of my close friends were doing and seeing ink on people was more common than not.  Tattoos are something that stay on your body forever, and comparing the number of students who will one day be parents and adults versus the number of adults […]

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Dollars vs. diplomas: The NCAA controversy over students being paid to play

Going to work seems like a tedious and unenjoyable task for most, but every two weeks when a pay–check direct deposits into the bank it seems like the stress of the job was worth it. Now imagine working those 40 hours a week, and having thousands of people pay hundreds of dollars to watch you work, and not getting paid […]

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2019 Students’ Union President and CEO candidate interviews

ZEMAR HAKIM IBRAHIM MUSA TALHA NAEEM KLAUDIA WOJTANOWSKI Q1: How/when/why did you decide to run for Students’ Union President? I was very involved in the Students’ Union and I was just doing it for fun obviously, for the joy of making new friends, having a good time and for my passions, and then people started to tell me ‘You might […]

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The results for “The Best of Laurier 2018”

The results for “The Best of Laurier 2018”

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Are you happy with the term holiday? Another look at word choices this winter

“I hate when they say that. Just say Merry fucking Christmas.” I remember this man from my hostessing job when I was in grade 12. This time of year, I always wished my customers Happy Holidays as they left for the night.  This man didn’t seem to like that very much, and made that loudly clear to the woman he […]

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