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Important publication updates

Dear valued readers, Whether you are a current or past student, a member of Laurier’s staff or faculty, an individual in the community, a former Cordie or simply a person who picks up this paper and reads our articles each week, I want to extend my immeasurable gratitude to you for supporting student media. In a frightening time that generates […]

by Emily Waitson· · Campus, News ·
Sports Editor, Pranav Desai, wins national student journalism award

Sports Editor, Pranav Desai, wins national student journalism award

This past weekend, The Cord’s sports editor, Pranav Desai, won the JHM Sports Reporting Award at NASH, an annual student journalism conference. At NASH, student journalists come together to meet professionals in the journalism and media field, learning about trends and tips about various categories in the journalism industry. Desai was shortlisted for the award on Dec. 25, 2019. He […]

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Editor’s Note: Exposing sexism in the workplace

Editor’s Note: Exposing sexism in the workplace

With this issue comes the release of parts two and three of a four-part series I’ve been working on since last April. The investigative series surrounds the 2017-18 Laurier Students’ Union board of directors.  In sum, part one explores allegations of sexism and gender inequity that was present amongst the board and, specifically, during board meetings throughout the year. In […]

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Editorial: Opportunities abound if you take a look around

The one piece of advice that I constantly received in high school from friends and teachers was to get involved in extracurricular activities. Even when I said that I wasn’t interested in any of the clubs at my high school, I was always told that it’s better to get involved in something since it’ll look good on my resume and […]

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Editor’s note: saying goodbye

Editor’s note: saying goodbye

On Sunday night, I attended my last ever Editorial Board meeting with The Cord. For the past two years, that’s what I’ve done on Sunday nights, much like the other people who work for The Cord. But after Sunday’s meeting, I went home and got into bed and kept thinking about how my time as Editor-in-Chief was coming to a […]

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Lashes by Linds keeps the Laurier community batting their eyes

The eyelash extension trend in Waterloo has quite frankly got people lashin’ out. This beauty trend is something that has allowed individuals to enhance their own beauty without using makeup to ultimately feel confident and beautiful. Lindsay Stevenson, a third-year global studies student at Wilfrid Laurier University, runs her own eyelash extension business out of her apartment. Instantly becoming hooked […]

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Facing life after university

Facing life after university

Reading Week was implemented at Wilfrid Laurier University for students to catch up on their course material mid-way through the semester. While some students may actually study or work on assignments, many come back to their old homes to relive their old style of living. You hang out with family and childhood friends and you become reminded of all of […]

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