How To Stay Connected With The Cord Following Bill C-18 


Over the past couple weeks, our readers may have noticed that The Cord’s content has been absent from social media. This is a result of the newly enacted Bill C-18.

The Online News Act was passed in June of this year, with the purpose of ensuring Canadian news organizations receive proper compensation for their content.

If a tech company wants to feature Canadian news content on their platform, they now need to negotiate a deal regarding compensation.

As a result of Bill C-18, many tech giants have refused to host Canadian content on their platforms.

Meta, owner of Instagram and Facebook, announced earlier this month that they have officially removed news availability in Canada.

This means The Cord’s content can no longer be viewed on those platforms until a deal is reached.

We encourage our readers to continue to engage with The Cord to stay connected with the Laurier and Waterloo communities.

Bronte Behling, Editor-in-Chief of The Cord, commented, “To keep up with The Cord during this turbulent time in the Canadian media landscape, please follow us on our various X accounts and our TikTok page for the most up to date campus news.”

On X, reach us at cordnews, cordarts and cordsports for the latest updates. Also, thecordwlu on Tiktok.

Once a month, The Cord’s printed issue can be found on newsstands across the Waterloo Campus. Bi-weekly online issues as well as past content and information can be found at

If students have any questions regarding finding our content, reach out to

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