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Graphic by Jamie Mere

I have a finstagram and you should too

When I was in high school and got my first social media account, I remember my mom telling me to be careful about what I posted since my name would be attached. My Instagram has gone through many changes, from my directioner days to my theatre kid days to who I am now. My actual Instagram account is something that […]

by Jade Hosick· · Opinion ·
Editorial: How media can make the world look worse

Editorial: How media can make the world look worse

A few weeks ago, one my friends told me that he felt as if the general population of the world is sadder than it has ever been. He gave me some valid reasons for why he felt this way, including things like our addiction to technology, worldwide political disarray, global warming, etc. Although my first instinct was to agree with […]

by Pranav Desai· · Opinion ·
Photo by Tanzeel Sayan

Becoming social media savvy

As I type this, I am currently engaged in two separate, on-going conversations with my significant other, several multi-platform conversations with my colleagues and a never ending barrage of meme spamming with my friend Toby. It’s a lot to think about sometimes. Which platform should I give priority to? Do text messages trump all other forms of communication? Are emails […]

by Kurtis Rideout· · Opinion ·
Filters, festivals and fake followers

Filters, festivals and fake followers

Music festival season is a time where social media is flooded with photos of Valencia filtered girls in distressed shorts, flower crowns and chokers. Guys who look like they stepped out of a Vans ad can be seen smiling smugly, snapbacks firmly in place, peace signs thrown in front of them to match their picture’s accompanying hashtag, #goodvibes. Over the […]

by Emily Waitson· · Opinion ·
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Unsigned: Crime, social media and the desire to witness violence

The progression and evolution of social media has ensured that witnessing crimes, even while they’re in the process of taking place, can be readily accessible to any person, at anytime. There is no limitations on who can utilize these platforms for their own needs, even if it involves showcasing a murder or the admittance of terrible crimes that were committed […]

by Cord Staff· · Opinion ·
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Unsigned: Ghosting Snapchat and the stress of real time social media

You know that feeling of hearing about all of your friends having fun at a party that you weren’t invited to? In real time, we call that feeling Snapchat. The popular app Snapchat has become a psychological game. We’ll post photos to our stories with the intention for a specific person to see it, then obsess over if they have. […]

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Graphic by Meaghan Ince

Poetry: a late but promising entrant to Instagram fame

When Instagram came into the world six years ago, it was geared towards photographers. The point of this new social media platform was to tell stories visually, with only a short caption to complement the photograph. Like Facebook, Instagram has evolved as more and more users test different ways they can use the platform. Instagram isn’t just for photography anymore. […]

by Bethany Bowles· · Arts, Arts and Life ·