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Healthy ways to move away from technological dependence

Sometimes we need a break from technology. In a world constantly screaming at us to buy this and wear that, it can be liberating to forget about all the media nonsense for a few minutes. I can’t think of a single social media influence worse than TikTok. Not only are you drowning hours of your day mindlessly consuming short clips […]

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The Spotted at Laurier Twitter page is NOT a factual source: How social media is spreading false information on COVID-19

If you’re a student at Wilfrid Laurier University, you are likely to be aware of the unofficial student Twitter page Spotted at Laurier (@SpottedLaurier), where students send in content to be anonymously tweeted. This account is well-known for its shoutouts to cuties on campus, ranting or raving about student life and asking for advice about university life.  However, with the […]

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A new wave of Instagram challenges has arrived

During my self-isolation, not a day has gone by where  I have not seen a new challenge pop up in my Instagram feed.  It started with drawing foods, then it moved onto women posting photos to lift themselves and other women up, then it was push up challenges and it slowly moved to posting a picture with the caption ‘until […]

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Editorial: The hype for TikTok is real

Editorial: The hype for TikTok is real

In the span of the past few months, TikTok has taken off. The most popular videos have surfaced on other platforms via Instagram and Twitter which helped market the app. Although, at first glance, it was quite easy to roast the app by what kind of viral dances and the types of teens who were becoming famous. Eventually, many of […]

by Kathleen McCullough· · Opinion ·
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I have a finstagram and you should too

When I was in high school and got my first social media account, I remember my mom telling me to be careful about what I posted since my name would be attached. My Instagram has gone through many changes, from my directioner days to my theatre kid days to who I am now. My actual Instagram account is something that […]

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Editorial: How media can make the world look worse

Editorial: How media can make the world look worse

A few weeks ago, one my friends told me that he felt as if the general population of the world is sadder than it has ever been. He gave me some valid reasons for why he felt this way, including things like our addiction to technology, worldwide political disarray, global warming, etc. Although my first instinct was to agree with […]

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Becoming social media savvy

As I type this, I am currently engaged in two separate, on-going conversations with my significant other, several multi-platform conversations with my colleagues and a never ending barrage of meme spamming with my friend Toby. It’s a lot to think about sometimes. Which platform should I give priority to? Do text messages trump all other forms of communication? Are emails […]

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Filters, festivals and fake followers

Filters, festivals and fake followers

Music festival season is a time where social media is flooded with photos of Valencia filtered girls in distressed shorts, flower crowns and chokers. Guys who look like they stepped out of a Vans ad can be seen smiling smugly, snapbacks firmly in place, peace signs thrown in front of them to match their picture’s accompanying hashtag, #goodvibes. Over the […]

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