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Unsigned: constant cellphone connections are contaminating

This week, we received an anonymous “Letter to the Editor” from a student who was concerned with making meaningful relationships. This student, rather than wanting to be printed in the paper, wished to spark a discussion and highlight the dangers of our frivolous small talk. Sparked by this student’s letter, we decided the best course of action was to take […]

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Social media is the new diary

Social media is the new diary

I know you’ve heard it all before: “There’s a world beyond your screen!” “Such superficiality is creating unrealistic expectations!” “We’re living in a mode of constant comparison!” “Newsfeeds are a battle zone for external validation!” “Sound the sirens! Our children are losing touch with their reality!” Sound dramatic? Maybe so. But amongst social media’s hyperactive source of surging information, despite […]

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Brock Turner and his father’s pathetic plea

Brock Turner and his father’s pathetic plea

Last week, social media seemed to explode with those eager to voice their opinions about the Stanford sexual assault case. For those unfamiliar with the story, Brock Turner, a former 20-year-old student at Stanford University, was found guilty last March for three counts of sexually assaulting a woman in January 2015. Two weeks ago, Judge Aaron Persky sentenced Turner to […]

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Fani Hsieh

There’s a troll in the dungeon

Don’t be a dick.

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Who’s got the best campaign?

Who’s got the best campaign?

Between social media, colours, slogans, websites and boothing, which candidate has built the strongest brand?

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