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Arts organizations students can get involved in

Coming into Laurier as a Toronto-bred, big city kid, I thought the only cultural attractions in Kitchener-Waterloo were the swarths of geese that congregated around campus. Now I work for a non-profit theatre company in Kitchener and every day I eat my words. There are so many fantastic arts organizations hidden in Laurier’s backyard, and they all want to engage […]

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Cord Picks: Best & worst advice for entering university

Make yourself known to your professors The best advice I received when entering university was from my dad, who happens to be a Laurier alumnus himself. Among many of the wise and funny (at least to him) pieces of advice he passed on to me, the most important one was making myself known to my professors. He encouraged me to […]

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Here’s what’s playing at the Apollo this fall

How do $5 big screen movies sound? The Apollo Cinema in downtown Kitchener is offering exactly that. “It will go through at least until the end of September,” Cara Watson, general manager and event strategist for The Apollo said. “That’s $5 for every show except special events and 3-D movies, which will still have the surcharge of $2.” This fall […]

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These are the dorm room essentials you need

Decorating a dorm room seems like a dream, but something your countless Pinterest boards don’t prepare you for is your Laurier dorm rules. Though you’ll have to say goodbye to your fairy lights, aquarium and scented candles, there’s still plenty you can do to make your room more like a home. Here are my best suggestions for decorating that are […]

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Mr. Pretzels packs a big flavour in a small snack

Mr. Pretzels packs a big flavour in a small snack

Last week, a small group of fellow Cord employees and I had an incredible time taste testing the different pretzel flavours featured at one of Conestoga Mall’s most recent food additions, Mr. Pretzels. All of us had tried their pretzels at one point or another and we all had developed a strong addiction. Then the idea came up to try […]

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A run down of fun flicks to see this summer

  With the summer rolling in full force and the obvious choices of summer blockbusters already passing through theatres, what movies do we have to look forward to? This summer in particular seems to be the summer of sequels, including Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, The Incredibles 2, The First Purge, Equalizer 2 and Unfriended: Dark Web, among countless others. In […]

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E3 2018 announces an exciting roster of new games

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 as it’s more commonly referred to as amongst the gaming community, recently held its 24th annual conference in Los Angeles from June 12 to 14. The heavily advertised and eagerly anticipated event focused on the upcoming products being introduced by software developers, hardware manufacturers and publishers in the video game industry. The event had […]

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Legacy Greens brings fresh produce to downtown Kitchener

Legacy Greens in downtown Kitchener is the popular grocery store known for its fresh, local produce and high-quality food products. It has recently moved from its temporary King Street location to a permanent location on Ontario street.  The popularity of Legacy Greens has grown since it began in 2014 and its owner, Jordan Dolson, has been thrilled with its success. […]

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