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New Cassingle released from local band Burnaby

In the ever-growing music scene of Waterloo, a new band has joined the ranks of others such as Death Party Playground, Sundriver and Mumbolayo. Burnaby – we’ll call them local out of loyalty to their KW roots – has just released their first cassingle. I know, cassette release? What year is this? It’s niche, and uniquely KW I like to […]

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The community weighs in on St. Patrick’s Day

Ahh mid-March! A time when the not-Irish and stressed university students come together to drink belligerently and fill the streets of Ezra. The pressure of making “Ezra great again” might be high this year due to the fear in some students instilled by Waterloo Regional Police Service (WRPS). There has been an increase in buzz of stricter regulations this year […]

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Cooking for one can still be fun

Student life is busy, and constantly filled to the brim with more and more assignments than most find they can keep up with. That’s why — as far as I can tell — most folks choose not to cook a great deal. They’ll order in, or they’ll throw a bit of frozen food in the oven. But everyone has their […]

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The power of Danielle Ponder and The Tomorrow People

The power of Danielle Ponder and The Tomorrow People

  Danielle Ponder and the Tomorrow People hit the stage in an epic performance on Feb. 28 at the Maureen Forrester Hall. The day long event, which included a speaking engagement and a performance was called For the Love of Justice. This event was created by Karen Stote and Helen Ramirez, two women and gender studies professors. Danielle Ponder and […]

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Photo by Sadman Sakib Rahman

Ramriddlz at The Turret: A night to remember or one we want to forget?

Arriving at the Turret for perhaps the second time in five years, it didn’t feel like a venue that would suit what was to transpire in a couple hours. I felt as if I’d just walked into an all ages night from my first year, with just over forty people scattered across the venue’s lounge areas. As Zen Woods wrapped […]

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Graphic by Shyenne MacDonald

Black Canadian artists that shape the contemporary scene

Arts & Life editor Shyenne MacDonald reflects on black Canadian artists who have helped shape the contemporary movement of decolonization through art. George Elliott Clarke George Elliott Clarke, Canada’s poet laurete from 2016-2017, has proven to be one of the most influential contemporary Canadian writers. He first came on to the literary scene in 1979 with an honourable mention in […]

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Vocal Cord for Feb. 14: “Self-love on Valentines”

Vocal Cord for Feb. 14: “Self-love on Valentines”

We went to the Laurier Waterloo Concourse and asked students what their plans were for self love on Valentine’s Day and these are some of their responses.  Amara Zammit “I’m probably going to go shopping and buy myself something that I love, you know, just to cheer myself up.” Daniel Vanayan “Make the most scrumptious and tasty dinner, with […]

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