The best study spots on campus 


Laurier Study Space

Laurier’s campus is a busy place, so where is the best place to study? To solve this issue, I asked a bunch of different students to find out what the majority believe.  

Photo by: Sadiya Teeple

“The science building is the best spot to study,” said one student who explained that they visit the science building at 8:00 a.m. throughout the week to study.  

“It has the skylight, fish tank and a Tim Horton’s. The desks are spaced out at just the right amount for people to study or talk without causing too much noise,” said Abby Stokes, a third-year psychology student.  

Laurier Solarium study space
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Conversely, fourth-year English student Meghan Barker declared the solarium as her favourite study spot. “It’s quiet, comfy and full of natural light.”  

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Alternatively, some students prefer the comfort and quiet of the library. This space is also good for group meetings as there are rentable study rooms. If you prefer to study in silence, the seventh floor (or silent seven) is the perfect location. 

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The turret is also a great yet hidden option for studying. When asking around campus, very few students even mentioned the turret as a study location. 

“I feel like a lot of people forget that the turret is there. They have those booths on the back side of the room, and most of the time, there’s tables in there. The only times you can’t study is when they’re hosting events. When that happens, I usually try to find a small space at Laz,” said a second-year student.  

You can use the turret from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday each week, permitting there are no events in between those times. 

One of the most popular study spots on campus is the concourse. Being so close to the bookstore and Starbucks makes the concourse a perfect place to chat with people from your classes or buckle down and study. Throughout the whole year, it is difficult to get a table to yourself there unless you go early in the morning and beat everyone there.  

Photo by: Jody Waardenberg

There is only one twenty-four-hour study location on campus, which is located right above Wilf’s on the third floor of the Fred Nichols Campus Centre. The twenty-four-hour lounge has computers, group study rooms and vending machines for your convenience while studying through all hours.  

Consider studying at one of these locations on campus if your dorm or room at home becomes stale.  

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