Diving into the heart of a teen in “Billie Blue”

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Billie Blue is a Quebecois movie directed by Mariloup Wolfe and based off the novel by Sarah-Maude Beauchesne. Entertaining without being superficial, this is a movie that should appeal to many teenagers.  

The film’s screenwriter, Sarah-Maude Beauchesne, describes the film in Hurtbise as “a novel about love and desire, which takes a nostalgic look at a young woman’s passage into adulthood.” 

Young Billie, only 16 years old, passes her summer working at the water park alongside her sister. During the summer she falls in love with a cyclist and coworker named Pierre. While she is slow to reveal her feelings, her sister falls in love with the same boy. The love rivalry will put the sisters’ relationship to the test. 

La Presse praised the performance of the three young actors and the success of the film, despite the situation being “predictable”: “This gives you an idea of the essence of the story, its giggles and its clumsy French, there is no escaping it.” 

This film effectively communicates the importance of family and the relationships between sisters. “Friendship and fraternity reign above all! she sums up. The important thing is to be well surrounded,” said Silvia Galipea in an interview with La Presse

According to La Presse, water serves as a metaphor of the vertigo of love throughout the film, which gives a touch of poetry to the story.  

During the moments where she feels that she is in love, Billie can be seen underwater. These scenes give provide a deeper glimpse into  the emotions she is feeling, which reflect the complex emotions often felt by teenagers. 

“I don’t blame you for not loving me. And thank you too… Because of you I realize that there will never be anyone more important than my sister, not even my first,” Billie states at the end of the film. .  

According to Le DevoirBillie Blue should be seen by all teens – and parents of teens”. To understand teenagers, sometimes you just have to remember the teenager you were and the ups and downs you experienced.  

At this time, the movie Billie Blue can be found on Apple and Crave TV. 

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