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Queer comedy show gets laughs and praise

On the night of Nov. 8, the warm atmosphere of Patent Social was a welcome treat after being out in the cold. The bar is a hidden gem in uptown Waterloo on Erb St. The classy, upscale venue had a small bar and was complemented with fun elements that bring out the child-at-heart, such as popcorn bowls which could be […]

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What you value in experience: Refinding the drive-in

We were barely late to Friday night’s double feature at the Mustang drive-in and it was definitely a sign of good things to come. The night’s bill included the reimagining of Stephen King’s classic, It and the prequel to the Conjuring’s spin off, Annabelle: Creation. The show should have felt like an uninspired exploration of the classic tropes of childhood […]

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Creating a dialogue about consent for first-year students

On Sept. 6, in the heart of Orientation Week, Wilfrid Laurier University hosted Mike Domitrz, founder of the Date Safe Project, author of Can I Kiss You and public speaker. Domitrz gave an informative presentation on consent and its concomitants. Date Safe Project is an organization which has the mission statement to prevent sexual assault and promote healthy intimacy and […]

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Reflecting on the meaning of Pride

Reflecting on the meaning of Pride

For many of us, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Warm weather, the sun, at least some free time and the rainbow flag is flying overhead. June is Pride Month and festivals are picking up to celebrate LGBTQ+ folks in our communities. Queer history is being explored and showcased in many ways for those who are eager to […]

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