Taylor Swift includes Canada in Eras tour

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Taylor Swift fans can finally rejoice and shake off their anger as the singer-songwriter finally announces six Toronto shows as a part of her Eras tour.  

Swifties can catch her at the Rogers Centre on Nov. 14, 15, 16, 21, 22 and 23 in 2024.   

Initially, fans were upset that Canada had been left out entirely of her initial tour date announcement.  

Even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau raced over to Twitter to beg Swift to add some Canadian shows.  

But why did we get left out in the first place?  

Experts have estimated a variety of reasons for Swift to leave Canada off the initial show run.  

Some point to the poor Canadian exchange rate, while others are commenting on the size and availability of Canadian venues, versus that of American venues.   

The Rogers Centre in Toronto, where Swift will appear in Nov. 2024, has around 55,000 seats while the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles holds over 70,000.   

On top of this, American venues are much closer together, which allows Swift to do several consecutive shows in several different cities.  

In Canada, large venues are quite far apart which helps explain both why we were left out initially and why Toronto is the only Canadian city booking shows.   

Ultimately, Taylor Swift doesn’t need Canadian shows for a successful and profitable tour.  

While that might be hard to hear for Canadian fans, it’s true.  

She can do many more shows with higher capacities if she stays in the U.S.A.  

Fortunately for us, Swift decided to include Canada in the tour, and tickets are finally on sale.  

But that’s not the end of the story.  

Now that fans have convinced her to come to Canada, they must face the next obstacle, getting tickets.   

Ticketmaster learned from previous site crashes caused by Taylor Swift ticket sales and is taking a new approach.  

When the Canada dates were announced, fans could register as a “Verified Fan” and had the potential to gain access to buy tickets when sales opened on August 9.   

Many fans are enlisting the help of family members to register and increase their chances of getting tickets faster.  

I even got involved and registered for my partner, but unfortunately, we were both waitlisted. 

“The Ticketmaster system is always consistently flawed, and out of the 20+ people I know personally each of them got waitlisted”, said a frustrated Laurier alumni Amina Chaudhry when asked about getting tickets.  

“I know more Americans who got presale codes than Canadians”, said Chaudhry.  

As fans air their frustration at the difficulty of getting tickets, all they can do is wait and hope. 

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