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Get him to the Greek restaurant!

In case you missed the most recent renovation in the little building between Phil’s and the King St. residence, there is a new Greek restaurant, Olive Tree, near campus. After getting the most conventional Mediterranean dish (lamb souvlaki) I could think of, I am optimistic that this place can do well by having captured a unique approach the other restaurants […]

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Cooking for one can still be fun

Student life is busy, and constantly filled to the brim with more and more assignments than most find they can keep up with. That’s why — as far as I can tell — most folks choose not to cook a great deal. They’ll order in, or they’ll throw a bit of frozen food in the oven. But everyone has their […]

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Presidential plates for the 2018 Students’ Union elections

Presidential plates for the 2018 Students’ Union elections

Over the weekend, news editor Nathalie Bouchard, editor-in-chief Kurtis Rideout and myself reviewed the presidential dishes for the 2018 campaign. Each year the dishes change, last year with only one candidate there was only one meal to try. The BRARitto is the current Students’ Union president Kanwar’s dish — which was universally accepted as absolutely delicious. But this year, with […]

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Behold! The true flavour of the holidays

  We inhabit a corporate world and that means that we, as individuals, are valued on a greater scale by our ability to consume. Corporations — businesses both large and small — tap into that need, by which they can tailor our wants and desires to uplift their profit margins. Merry Christmas! Luckily, as a good consumer, this exercise in […]

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Matcha, Matcha Man, Brandon Chow is the Matcha Man

What’s healthy, equivalent to coffee and green all over? Matcha! And entrepreneur Brandon Chow has got it by the truckload. When I first started this “Matcha Madness” escapade I had no idea what the wonderful green substance was, admittedly. “The main difference that people don’t realize is that for green tea you just dip the leaf in the water. But […]

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