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The LRT delay in Waterloo Region keeps passengers waiting for the bus

After a highly anticipated arrival, Kitchener-Waterloo’s new ION Light Rail Transit System has been again delayed until the spring of 2019. This 19-kilometre transit route, consisting of 19 stations between Conestoga Mall and Fairway Station, has been a project in the works since 2012. In 2013, Waterloo region entered into a contract with Metrolinx and Bombardier that outlined the purchase […]

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Graffiti Market puts a unique spin on the casual restaurant experience

If you’re looking for something new to experience in Waterloo, I would highly recommend heading over to Graffiti Market. Located at 137 Glasgow Street in Kitchener at Catalyst137 — the world’s largest IoT manufacturing hub — Graffiti Market aims to provide art, technology and great food to their customers. Graffiti Market, however, is more than a unique place to dine. […]

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LGBTQ+ wellness study sheds light on some of the issues affecting marginalized communities

LGBTQ+ wellness study sheds light on some of the issues affecting marginalized communities

Though being part of the LGBTQ+ community in the Waterloo region might look like it is all rainbows and sparkles, things are a lot darker than they seem, as concluded and reiterated by The Outlook Study. The Outlook Study, led by Robb Travers, associate professor of Health Science at Wilfrid Laurier University, is one of the most comprehensive, in-depth studies […]

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Golden Hearth Bakery provides fresh, handmade goods to local community

Located on the corner of King and Cedar Street in Kitchener, is a local, 11 year-old confectionery that sells baked goods made completely from scratch with quality, organic ingredients. Providing a variety of fresh products for both the community and other localities in the area like Gilt Restaurant Bar and Lounge, Legacy Greens, Smile Tiger Coffee Roasters and Vincenzo’s — […]

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The results of Waterloo Region’s municipal election

Late Monday, Oct. 22, the unofficial winners of the 2018 municipal election were announced, putting Dave Jaworsky once more in the position of mayor of Waterloo and Tenille Bonoguore as the councillor for ward seven. Jaworsky won in a landslide victory at 17,307 votes, obtaining over three times the votes of the next candidate, Kelly Steiss, at 5,530. Bonoguore won […]

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Bike lanes installed to include cyclist, but doesn’t include safety

On Sept. 29, the City of Waterloo hosted a celebration between 6:45 p.m. and 8 p.m., honouring the official opening of the Uptown Waterloo bike lanes running along King street, an undertaking that has been part of the larger “Uptown Streetscape Improvement” joint-project between the City and Region of Waterloo.  This event was promoted and arranged by a number of […]

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Looking at the local tradition of Miss Oktoberfest

Miss Oktoberfest is a title that dates back to 1969, when the first young woman — Christine Orendi — was crowned and graced with the responsibility of representing the beloved Kitchener-Waterloo festival.  Since then, the role has served as a cultural point of significance to Oktoberfest.  Each woman to assume the position has served as a sweetly smiling figurehead, known […]

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Carol Burnett’s performance at Centre in the Square

On Sept. 25, the legendary female comedian, actress, singer and writer, Carol Burnett, graced the stage at Centre in the Square for “an evening of laughter and reflection where the audience asks questions.”  At 85 year-old, the unfailingly eloquent comic has had a career spanning over five decades on television, delivering her individual and beloved style of comedy primarily through […]

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Breaking down the best smoothies in the KW region

Over the past few years, I’ve grown to love smoothies. I don’t really mind making them for myself if I need to, but when it comes to purchasing my own, it’s best to find the one that’s worth it in terms of taste and price.  Smoothies can be expensive depending on where you buy them from, so after a lot […]

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