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Waterloo tech team named one of ten finalist in fight against fake news

On Jan. 10, local Waterloo team, the Traveling Wilburys, was announced as one of the finalists in the first phase of a competition in effort to combat fake news using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Out of the 150 teams across the country who entered the competition, the Traveling Wilburys are one of only ten teams who will be moving forward. […]

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Waterloo hosts information session on student tenancy rights

On Nov. 12 the University of Waterloo hosted a student tenancy rights information night with the goal of equipping students with the tools they need to navigate the often treacherous student housing market. The event was open to students of all institutions and was held in the Engineering 7 building on the University of Waterloo campus from 6 to 8 […]

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Wilfrid Laurier and University of Waterloo to receive upgrades to their athletic facilities

The city of Waterloo has committed to a $5 million donation to split between both of the universities in the city, Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Waterloo, in order to upgrade their athletic facilities. The University of Waterloo will be putting its half of the funding towards enhancing the Columbia Ice Field, a $23 million expansion, while Laurier’s […]

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Taking a chance on student housing in Waterloo Region

Taking a chance on student housing in Waterloo Region

 It’s no secret that the student housing market in Waterloo has reached the point of crisis. To those who are currently renting, this is nothing new. In recent days, however, the “Fuccommod8u” scandal has done more than rock the boat. A recent data breach released over 6000 alleged maintenance complaints from within student property management company Accommod8u has capsized […]

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Annual University of Waterloo juggling festival takes place this weekend

The annual University of Waterloo juggling festival takes place this weekend from March 15 to 17. The weekend is divided into two separate events in the actual festival featuring workshops and a gala event on Saturday night. The festival will get underway on Friday night at 7 p.m. at the Physical Athletics Complex (PAC) at the University of Waterloo and […]

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Hillel Laurier’s exhibition begins annual Holocaust Education Week

Hillel Laurier is hosting their Holocaust Education Week from Nov. 2 until Nov. 8. This week of events is dedicated annually to the furthering of education and remembrance of the Holocaust which took place between 1933 and 1945 amidst the Second World War. Hillel, the foundation for Jewish campus life is the largest organization of its kind with representation at […]

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ION LRT gets a warm welcome to KW with art installations

Kitchener-Waterloo eagerly awaits the completion of the ION Light Rail Transit system that will consist of 19 stations across Kitchener-Waterloo.  At nine stops and designated areas along the ION route, custom artworks will be installed as part of the ION Public Art Project, commissioned by the region of Kitchener-Waterloo. These works depict a broad range of artistry styles and all […]

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UW’s Indigenous Student Association aims to emancipate from Federation

The University of Waterloo (UW) Indigenous Students Association (ISA) released a statement earlier this week expressing their intent to separate from UW’s Federation of Students and create their own Indigenous Student Union. The statement comes in correspondence to action taken by the University of Saskatchewan’s Indigenous Students’ Council who took similar steps by creating their own Indigenous Student Union in […]

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