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Alex Pangman is the sweetheart of Swing

On Feb. 3, Juno nominee Alex Pangman performed at the Jazz Room in the Huether Hotel alongside the Benny Goodman Quartet. Admittedly, jazz isn’t something I’m interested in or something that I “get”. At seemingly random and innocuous points the audience would get really “jazzed” and start clapping over a particular string of notes. Maybe you need to be musically […]

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Getting to know Death Party Playground

Getting to know Death Party Playground

“A wild group of hellion velvet ravens influenced by a rising 1988 Bruce Willis and the innocent contractors who lost their lives working on the Death Star.” That’s how a local band, Death Party Playground, is described on their website. It’s not a description you often see with an upcoming band — there’s no forced sophistication or hints of the […]

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Valleys is a new sound for a new band

  Remember when Down With Webster went on hiatus? If you don’t that’s fine, I admittedly didn’t notice. But did anyone notice when they formed a new band? Patrick Gillet, Cameron Hunter, Tyler Armes and Andrew Martino — while on hiatus — formed a new band called Honors. Before we continue, I’ve noted and deducted imaginary and insignificant points from […]

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The Cord’s top Arts & Life picks for 2017

Allegations Remember back in 2016 when we all thought 2017 was going to be a breeze? Obviously we were wrong. Nearing the end of 2017, the media was flooded with allegations of sexual harassment and assault in Hollywood. Of course it staggers you to see how many people are saviours of assault and harassment. Reports of sexual misconduct from famous […]

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