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Measuring the impact of the Brantford Downtown Outreach Program

The Brantford Downtown Outreach Team, otherwise known as BDOT, is a pilot program implemented in July of 2019 with a focus on reaching out to people struggling with addiction, homelessness and other challenges. The idea for the BDOT was born out of a need for a new approach to working with vulnerable populations, such as the homeless in Brantford, and […]

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Shop Sounds holds concert at Kitchener Market

Not many people can say they’ve been to a concert in a grocery store, but on Sep     . 5, the Kitchener Market hosted Shop Sounds: DTK’s grocery store concerts. Shop Sounds is a free intimate three-part concert series organized by the DTK team, Good Company Production and hosted at grocery stores across downtown Kitchener. The third and final […]

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K-W to see improvements in transportation options

Ontario’s provincial government recently announced that they will be boosting funding and support in the Region of Waterloo in order to improve transportation options. The support, which will start in 2019, will provide the Region of Waterloo with long-term and reliable funding to ultimately enhance and expand local transit while offering more travel options for families and individuals who commute. […]

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Diwali celebrations come to Kitchener

Diwali, or the festival of lights, will be celebrated in households across the world this Sunday October 30. The celebrations will last for five days and marks an important part of the Hindu religion. However, over time the celebrations have been adopted by many Indians, regardless of their religious beliefs. According to National Geographic, Diwali signifies the victory of good […]

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Why we pop the bubble

Growing up, I was always accustomed to the same social pattern. Whether I moved to a new school, a new camp or a new place, I always found myself trapped in a bubble.

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