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GRT bus route changes affecting how students travel

Students have returned to Waterloo region for the upcoming school year, causing increased use of Grand River Transit services throughout Kitchener-Waterloo. Despite the recent implementation of the LRT many users of the GRT’s other services are unaware of the changes this caused to bus routes. 32 transit routes and programs were modified as a result of these changes, many of […]

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The best 27 places to go in Waterloo Region ranked for 2019

This month, Waterloo’s Municipal Heritage Committee presented a draft list of 27 locations of significance that represent heritage value for the city and are looking for the public’s feedback. A Cultural Heritage Landscape is a location that has been modified by human presence and is integral to the landscape of the community. This list is presented to city council, as […]

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Uptown streetscape consults residents before construction on the city begins once more

Last week, the region of Waterloo released an online survey asking the city’s residents for their feedback regarding the ongoing uptown streetscape projects, to get a better understanding of the various needs, issues or suggestions for improvement that they might have for the uptown area. With the first phase of the uptown streetscape project being completed earlier this year, the […]

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E-Scooters bring eco-friendly transportation alternative to Waterloo

On Oct. 2, 2018, the City of Waterloo approved the region’s newest and most eco-friendly mode of transportation: electric scooters. These scooters are in town for the first pilot of the program, running from Oct. 2 to Nov. 30. The trial is being conducted by regional council, with the goal of examining how they fit into the rest of Waterloo’s […]

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Meow! Boutique in uptown Waterloo closes its doors for good

Meow! Boutique, the beloved uptown Waterloo vintage fashion retailer located at the corner of King and Bridgeport, recently announced that they will be closing at the end of October. In an Instagram post published to their page on Oct. 2, the store addressed their customer base — fondly referred to as their “Cat Club” — to express their disappointment with […]

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Library of Things promotes community sharing

On Saturday Feb. 24, the KW Library of Things opened its doors to the public for the first time. Partnered with Extend-a-Family in the Waterloo Region, the library operates out of a small space in Kitchener. For a $40 annual fee, individuals within the community are given a membership to the program, which will then allow them to borrow important […]

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Former pro player advocates to save Waterloo Park baseball diamonds

Aaron Hornostaj, a former professional baseball player and resident of Waterloo, has taken it upon himself to advocate for two baseball diamonds in Waterloo Park. The two diamonds, which are located along Father David Bauer Drive, have become a controversial topic of discussion in the city of Waterloo, as Waterloo Council has proposed to replace the two diamonds with festival […]

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$26.6 million renovation approved for Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex

Waterloo council has approved the $26.6 million renovation of the Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex. The recreation centre is now going forward to the next phase of planning details for construction. The team has aimed to present the details of the plans to the council in February of 2019 and, pending approval, construction will begin spring of 2019. Construction of the […]

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University Gateway Projects looks to redesign University Avenue

The City and Region of Waterloo have partnered up with the University of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier University and Conestoga College to create the University Gateway Project in order to develop a new vision for the future of University Avenue. The project has begun and is in it’s first phase which focuses on community input for future projects. The first public […]

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The City of Waterloo brings streetscape improvements to King and Erb intersection

The King Street and Erb Street intersection is now undergoing construction by the City of Waterloo to create a more accessible intersection for all modes of transportation. Upon reopening in early October, the intersection at King Street and Erb Street will introduce a protected intersection with wider sidewalks and new off-road cycle tracks, including crosswalks for bikers. This protected intersection […]

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