What’s the best things about being a Golden Hawk?


Photo by Safina Husein

As a third-year student myself, I know that Laurier is an amazing university, as do many of my other peers.

However, to the incoming first years, you may have some idea as to why this university is so special, but here are just a couple more to make you that much surer that you are meant to be golden.

First: Laurier has a kickass reputation for devoting a vast amount of time and resources towards student satisfaction and success, especially for first years.

From the Residence Life Program, to Students’ Union and to academic orientated initiatives, this school cares deeply about its students and their ambition for success, in and out of the classroom.

This university wants students to feel like they are becoming an integral part of their campus and what it stands for, which is to ‘inspire lives’.

Second: A small, close-knit community and campus.

I will just start by saying that, as many students already know, it only takes 10 minutes to walk from one side of the campus to the other — which, I feel is a pretty big perk on its own.

Nevertheless, the size of the campus is not only a major draw for students but also how close our community is and how quickly people become a part of it.

I will be the first to say that most students enjoying living a fairly lazy lifestyle — having restaurants, grocery stores and transit close-by that are at least within a walking distance.

Laurier honestly has a ‘small town’ feel; many students are able to stop and have a conversation with at least one friend or peer before class, which is a truly unique trait of our university in comparison to many other larger scale universities in Ontario.

Third: O-Week and Homecoming… enough said for the title

The reason why I included such specific events that many other universities also partake in is because of what these weeks reflect of our school’s enthusiasm and spirit for being a Golden Hawk.

During O-week, icebreakers and many other clubs such as the A-team work tirelessly to create events and activities that cater to first-years.

However, the volunteers themselves truly show how much being at this school means to them.

For those volunteering at O-week or attending Homecoming as alumni, volunteers or supporters, there is an overwhelming sense of excitement and support that resonates with those who truly are a part of the Laurier community.

In simple terms, school spirit and appreciation is imperative to the culture and values fostered at Laurier and is an amazing part of its identity — so it is just best to join in the ridiculous cheers while you still can.

Fourth: Accessibility

I will be the first to say that most students enjoying living a fairly lazy lifestyle — having restaurants, grocery stores and transit close-by that are at least within a walking distance.

With all the stress that students are put under, the least that can help with the transition of a first year is knowing the basics are close by.

For myself personally, having the university place and bus routes right near campus made me take one sigh of relief before reverting back to my anxiety filled incoming student state.

There are so many different places that are accessible from the buses that run on King Street that students do not have to even worry about anything besides being able to carry their grocery bags from Walmart or how much money they waste on shopping therapy at Conestoga mall.

Anyways, my point being that life on and off campus is made simple with how Laurier is situated next to many different convenient spots for transportation, shopping and restaurants.

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