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Buck a beer isn’t as popular with breweries

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has garnered both praise and controversy regarding his decision to work towards lowering beer prices to just one dollar, an announcement which he has been proud to stand by since it was released. One criticism surrounding the ‘buck-a-beer’ campaign has been voiced by many local breweries who have seen this as an impractical policy to follow […]

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Cord Picks: Best & worst advice for entering university

Make yourself known to your professors The best advice I received when entering university was from my dad, who happens to be a Laurier alumnus himself. Among many of the wise and funny (at least to him) pieces of advice he passed on to me, the most important one was making myself known to my professors. He encouraged me to […]

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The inspirational effects of music and creativity

As a booming creative industry reaching multiple outlets, the music industry has followed a linear pattern of complexity. Good design is what it’s all about, and due to the rapid increase of  vinyl, music is becoming as intricate as ever.  Artists who put the time into concept designs of albums are the ones you should keep around in your bumping […]

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Black Canadian artists that shape the contemporary scene

Arts & Life editor Shyenne MacDonald reflects on black Canadian artists who have helped shape the contemporary movement of decolonization through art.

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Vocal Cord for Feb. 14: “Self-love on Valentines”

Vocal Cord for Feb. 14: “Self-love on Valentines”

We went to the Laurier Waterloo Concourse and asked students what their plans were for self love on Valentine’s Day and these are some of their responses.  Amara Zammit “I’m probably going to go shopping and buy myself something that I love, you know, just to cheer myself up.” Daniel Vanayan “Make the most scrumptious and tasty dinner, with […]

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Ranking the top dating apps for gay men

Grindr Navigation: Scroll up/down How it works: you are limited to a single profile picture and a 250-character bio. You are given a large variety of stat options to fill out (height, weight, body type, position, relationship status, etc.). This goes into heavy detail and reveals all your secrets right away. You also have standard settings for age-range and distance, […]

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Learning to trust after trauma

Content warning: this article contains potentially triggering information regarding sexual assault. When I was young I used to have petit mal seizures, they’re not serious and have only happened twice since beginning my adulthood. But, from my understanding, if I get too stressed my body will shut down. I lose my vision and hearing, then ultimately consciousness. I always called […]

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Signing off Tumblr for the final time

  A little over a year and a half ago, I signed off of Tumblr and never signed back on. I wasn’t Tumblr famous or anything, but I did have several posts with thousands of reblogs. Deactivating my account was hard, but it was worth it for my mental health. This sounds pretty counterintuitive on the surface. Tumblr seems to […]

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