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Time management resources available to students on campus

Midterm season is in full-gear and with all the assignments, essays and midterms due this week, it’s not always easy to stay on top of things. Although Reading Week has just passed, you might feel as though you didn’t get enough work done, if any. Academics are easily the largest cause of stress for students, but whether you’re in your […]

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Harry Styles returns to the music scene with single “Lights Up”

Harry Styles has returned to the music scene after a two-year hiatus with a new song as he dropped the single “Lights Up” last Friday. Styles’ debut solo album was known for its alternative-indie sound that had influences of John Mayer, Pink Floyd, Coldplay and The Rolling Stones all in one, a contrary to the boy band hits he had […]

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On-campus roommate conflict resources

Living independently while going to school often means having to navigate one aspect of university life that many students aren’t prepared for — roommates. Sharing your space with other people — in many cases, complete strangers — can be challenging, especially when conflicts arise with the people you’re expected to share your space with. And while your first instinct may […]

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