Fancy fall footwear for all


Similar to other people, fall is my favourite time of the year. Along with the cooler temperatures and the warm, pretty colours, I love the change in footwear.  Boots, sneakers, runners, loafers – the list goes on. There are many different styles and types of fall shoes and I am going to break down my top five favourites. These shoes are reliable, comfortable and cute for the fall/winter season. Since some of these shoes can be pricey for a student budget, I will also provide more affordable options that are just as stylish and durable. If you are going to invest in some of the more expensive shoes, they should last you several years of wear (with proper care). 

  1. Doc Martens – Polished smooth platform Chelsea boots (starting at $280.00): These are my go-to boots in the fall/winter season. Even though they take some time to break-in, once they are broken in, you will fall in love with them. With a platform bottom, they are comfortable to walk in and keep your feet nice and warm. Pro-tip: when breaking in Docs, wear long and thick socks and blister pads or Band-Aids on your heels. Call it Spring offers their affordable Allena Chelsea boots in black, grey, and brown starting at $89.99, they last a long timare also made out of vegan leather!  
  1. Blundstones – Classic #585 (starting at $239.95): Blundstones are staple fall boots, they are flexible, breathable and comfy. These boots are much easier to break-in, but I would still recommend layering with a pair of thick socks. Blundstones are made to last upwards of ten years if you take care of them properly. Softmoc has a more affordable option, their Kylie Chelsea boot starting at $169.99 in five different colours. 
  1. Converse – Chuck Taylor All Star High Top (starting at $75.00): Converse are another classic, something that can last all year (it’s risky in the Canadian cold though). High tops work well on warmer fall days and go well with every type of outfit, while also being a fairly affordable staple for all university students.  
  1. Loafers – Izzy Chunky Loafers (starting at $59.99): Loafers are no longer just your grandma’s shoes; these chunky loafers are a cute slip-on option. Call it Spring offers them in black, white and bright green if you’re feeling vibrant. These loafers are also made with vegan leather and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.  
  1. Uggs – Classic Mini II Boot (starting at $175.00): Uggs mini boot made a big comeback this year in fall fashion. They come in six colours and are perfect for walking around campus. Focusing on comfort and style, Uggs are a great choice if you would like to keep warm in class this fall. SoftMoc has their dupe Smocs 5 Mini starting at $89.99 and available in three colours. 

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