Taking a Cyclefit class at the Athletic Complex


Photo by Tim Harrison

Group exercise is an amazing way to stay in shape while being motivated by your peers. Laurier offers a unique variety of group exercise classes that cater to different workout types and intensities. I have recently attended three Cylefit classes that are offered at the athletic complex, and I’m definitely planning to return in the future. I am even motivated to try out the other group exercise classes the AC offers because of how pleasant my Cylefit experiences have been.  

I found the Cyclefit class to be extremely intense, in the best way. The instructors really push you to your limits, while maintaining a lively and upbeat environment. They are very encouraging and good at instilling confidence in students to get them through the class. Doing a group exercise class for the first time can be very intimidating, especially if you are someone that is more accustomed to working out alone.  

The group exercise classes at the AC are a positive, judgement-free environment that allows for personal growth with the encouragement of fellow students. Many people are in the same boat when attending group exercise classes for the first time, and the passionate attitude of the instructors helps make the experience less nerve-racking.  

I had the pleasure of doing my Cyclefit classes under the instruction of Ella. Not only is Ella a fantastic instructor, but she also has a caring attitude toward everyone in the class. She encourages you to try your hardest without pushing yourself too hard. She always tells us that each person’s max on the bike will be different, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  

This allows for an environment that motivates students to try their best without comparing themselves to those around them. The mixture of upbeat music and inspiring words makes the forty-five-minute class fly by, and you will feel more accomplished and energized by the end. I would highly recommend attending the Cyclefit classes at the athletic complex, and if you get the chance, definitely attend one taught by Ella. 

There are two ways that you can attend a group exercise class at the athletic center. Students can purchase a group exercise pass or a day pass from the hawk desk. A group exercise pass costs $95 and is valid for one semester. This pass allows holders to access as many group exercise classes as they would like throughout the semester. A day pass, on the other hand, costs $10.99 and is only valid for any of the classes the day the pass was purchased on. This means more than one class can be attended with the purchase of a day pass, as long as it is within the same day. Cylefit is offered several days a week, with classes running from morning to night. The group exercise schedule can be found on the athletic complex’s website and Instagram.

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