How old books can teach us modern lessons


Books on a bookshelf
Books on a bookshelf
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Classic literature’s relevance and significance in modern times have been found in the lessons they provide.  

Despite being written centuries ago, the ability of these stories to present concepts applicable today has spoken volumes as to the importance in maintaining the study of and appreciation for such written pieces.  

With there being an increase in criticism over the need to continue studying old books, such as those of Shakespeare and Jane Austen, there has been a need to understand the lessons they provide.  

Many of the  books have emphasized not letting greed consume oneself. Both Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park enforce the message of not allowing money and power to be the end all be all of someone’s life. In a society that has prioritized wealth and status, this lesson has exposed the reader to an understanding that contrasts the materialistic views of modern society.  

By continuing to study and learn from  old books, there has been an increased appreciation for what we have in our lives, and what we can gain from such.  

Old books have also served as an opportunity to see into the past.  

By viewing  the old books and classics from a modern lens, the reader can take away significant aspects from the past. If a reader was unaware of the social conventions and values in history, they would not be able to understand the modern  interpretation of evolution and why exactly certain beliefs have either changed or been maintained. By considering that literature is an art, and which is  itself being a form of self-expression, readers  can learn from the past.  

Moreover, there have been literary based lessons that old books contributed to. Since such books’ writing styles were articulated in a way that held deeper meanings,  shown writing can allow individuals to  be creative when wanting to convey their feelings. Shakespeare himself has been credited for the creation of many words, such as amazement and and accused, of which many people have used in their daily conversations throughout their lives.  

Shakespeare took it upon himself to connect his own feelings and thoughts into his writing, which in turn, would inspire many of his readers to do the same. Great writers such as Charles Dickens and William Faulkner, as well as other creators, including filmmaker Amy Heckerling, were inspired by classic writers, including Shakespeare and Jane Austen.  

Without old books, individuals would not be able to be motivated as they have been. There would be a lack of criticism on modern day in evaluating the past from the present, as well as understanding the power writing serves, as seen from the influence old books have held.  

Without old books, society would be left dissolute and uninspired.

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