Falling in love with fall

Graphic by Jamie Mere

It doesn’t take long for “that” time of year to inevitably roll back around like a wave that’s bound to the shore. The leaves are brown, the sky is gray and your, goosebump-coated skin craves the warm kiss of sunlight.  

Sporadic shivers run across your body as you try to recall a time when colour, warmth and liberty of the mind came at no cost. For those suffering from seasonal illness, you try to remember the last time you felt the careless freedom of a summer’s day, the last time you felt anything. However, these dreary seasons can be reimagined in a way that brings beauty and feelings of joy to anyone who indulges.  

When you step outside, you become immersed in the blue-green, somber tones of the Twilight films. While for summer lovers, this can be something that drags your mood down, you will find that leaning into this sadness in the way that Bella Swan would, actually makes it appealing. Essentials for this aesthetic include bootcut jeans, long sleeve henley shirts, winter jackets and any plain early 2000s autumn clothing. Throw on some dark eyeliner and the cinematic Twilight soundtrack, and you’ll find yourself appreciative of the beauty within the darkness.  

If that’s not your style, ‘Christian Girl Autumn’ aesthetics can add some real (pumpkin) spice to your life. Sandals are out and boots are in. A pair of knee high boots, or cropped, platform Uggs can add to the style dimensions of any outfit and go perfectly with knit sweaters and plaid scarves. If you top it off with a Pumpkin Spice Latte, and throw some leaves in the air, you will truly feel immersed in the autumnal season.

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