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Laurier Stedman Prize awards $10,000 to young writers

The second-ever biennial Laurier Stedman Prize competition for young writers came to a conclusion on Friday, Feb. 7, awarding 10,000 dollars in prize money over the course of the evening. Six prizes were given throughout the night, a first place prize totaling at $3000, two second place prizes totaling at $2000 each and three third place prizes of $1000 each. […]

by Sophia Cole· · Campus, News ·
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Tolerating mixed signals does you no favours

In any respect, feelings are complicated. And they can become even more so when you’re in a situation with someone – not a committed relationship – that allows for things to get a little twisted. And with these tricky scenarios come the possibility of being stringed along. This isn’t just a problem for ladies, I’m sure – but I’ve definitely […]

by Victoria Marshall· · Opinion ·
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Hot Take: Can you love someone else before loving yourself?

by Jade Hosick· · Opinion ·
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Laurier names new acting dean of arts

Laurier’s faculty of arts has announced that the current dean of arts, Richard Nemesvari, will end his five-year term and associate dean of student affairs and learning Gavin Brockett will replace him as acting dean for a one-year term starting on Jul. 1, 2020. Brockett, an associate professor in the department of history as well as the department of religion […]

by Hayley McGoldrick· · Campus, News ·
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Sex toys: good vibes

Note: Prices listed as they were at the time of writing, and are subject to change. BodyWand Mini Massager ($24.95 PinkCherry) This massager is only four inches in length, but is quite high powered for its size. Regardless of whether you want a soft buzz or a high-powered rumbling vibration, this multi-speed wand will deliver. It’s very quiet, the head […]

by Cord Staff· · Features ·
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KW one of the worst safe places for women

Trigger warning: This story contains mentions of sexual assault and violence. I recently read a news story in The Record titled “Kitchener man sexually assaulted two high school students” that reaffirmed the fears that I’ve had since I was a young teenager. The article discusses a 39-year-old male who attacked a female student just two months after being released from […]

by Emily Waitson· · Opinion ·
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A case for natural deodorant

Deodorant is one of those products that everyone — or almost everyone — uses. It’s such an automatic part of our routines that it hardly crosses our minds most of the time — that is, until you forget to put it on and realize you stink like body odor halfway through the day. And while most people reach for their […]

by Sophia Cole· · Opinion ·
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Not all wellness trends are good for you

I’m all for self care and wellness but lately I’ve noticed that the internet is bombarded with all sorts of wellness hacks and tips, many of which are conveyed under false pretenses. It’s easy to fall for a lot of the health products that are promoted online, but with a little research, you’ll notice that a lot of this stuff […]

by Alyssa Di Sabatino· · Arts and Life, Life ·