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Complaining over exam season gets you nowhere

That time of year is quickly approaching. No, not the part when summer starts and everything is well in the life of a student — it’s rather the part that every student in history is guilty of whining about: when people bring all of their belongings to the library to campout and also the time of year when you may […]

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Unsigned: Laurier’s exam de-stressors might be missing the mark

As exams draw closer and closer, Laurier is preparing for the stress that comes with them for our students. But are the precautions that are being provided for students really accessible? All of the de-stressing and mindfulness activities are great in theory. They should provide a break from the cramming to make time for ourselves. But at the end of […]

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Cheating or ‘ratting’?

Cheating or ‘ratting’?

During an exam for one of the three hardest courses in my program, a student sitting behind me dropped her iPhone. All three of the proctors didn’t even flinch. Moreover, neither I nor the classmates around me reported it. The student code of conduct and discipline outlines the types of academic misconduct as copying from classmates during exams, plagiarism and […]

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