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Photo by Isaak Wong

Healthy ways to move away from technological dependence

Sometimes we need a break from technology. In a world constantly screaming at us to buy this and wear that, it can be liberating to forget about all the media nonsense for a few minutes. I can’t think of a single social media influence worse than TikTok. Not only are you drowning hours of your day mindlessly consuming short clips […]

by Jackson Carse· · Arts and Life, Life ·
Editorial: The hype for TikTok is real

Editorial: The hype for TikTok is real

In the span of the past few months, TikTok has taken off. The most popular videos have surfaced on other platforms via Instagram and Twitter which helped market the app. Although, at first glance, it was quite easy to roast the app by what kind of viral dances and the types of teens who were becoming famous. Eventually, many of […]

by Kathleen McCullough· · Opinion ·