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Graphic by Fani Hsieh

Is universal income the way of the future?

With incessant news coming from south of the border, it’s not surprising that it took something as absurd as “elbowgate” to break through. Canadian politics, since Justin Trudeau became prime minister, could be described as so sunny it hurts. Even when there are things to gripe about, he and the reigning liberals just look so damn good that it’s hard […]

by Mynt Marsellus· · Opinion ·
Photo of the Week - Sept. 23, 2015

Trudeau as a victim of media sensationalism

On May 19, an EgyptAir flight that was bound for Cairo from Paris crashed off the Greek island of Crete with 66 passengers and crew on board, including two Canadians. There is a good chance you did not hear many details about this last Thursday, as news coverage from all major media outlets at that time was dominated by Justin […]

by Jordan Baechler· · Opinion ·