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Liberals win minority government with 157 seats

On Monday, Oct. 21, Canadians elected members of the Liberal Party in 157 districts — 46.4 per cent of total seats — securing a minority government for Justin Trudeau and the Liberals in Canada’s forty-third federal election. The Conservative Party of Canada will once again form the Official Opposition, acquiring 121, or 35.8 per cent of the total seats — […]

by Aaron Waitson· · Elections, National, News ·
Photo of the Week - Sept. 23, 2015

Trudeau as a victim of media sensationalism

On May 19, an EgyptAir flight that was bound for Cairo from Paris crashed off the Greek island of Crete with 66 passengers and crew on board, including two Canadians. There is a good chance you did not hear many details about this last Thursday, as news coverage from all major media outlets at that time was dominated by Justin […]

by Jordan Baechler· · Opinion ·
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A eulogy for the Laurier statue project

When Max Blouw first announced the prime minister statue project at Wilfrid Laurier University, I was unequivocally and unapologetically supportive of the idea. As a hardcore political science nerd and someone who thinks this campus needs a little more prestige, this idea was perfect. But as we all know, this was not the opinion of many students. Soon after the […]

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